Making A Lease A Home: Tips for Temporary Decorating

Temporary Home Decor
When it comes to decorating, it’s easy to find reasons not to dedicate the time and money it often requires. It can be expensive and seem like a lot of work for something impermanent. If you don’t own your home, making the investment doesn’t always make financial sense. But, working with Corken + Company, we emphasize how important it is to feel at home where you live, even if it is only for a short while.


If you are leasing a property with us, here is a list, courtesy of The Home Blog and yours truly, compiling easy yet impactful ways to make your lease a home. Intentional and thoughtful decor has the power to transform an empty space into your own warm and inviting retreat.

1. Window Coverings
Curtains can impact a space in lots of ways. Conceptually, they make a space feel polished, finished and cozy. Full length curtains in particular make ceilings appear taller visually. The right pattern or color of curtains can also add interest and dimension to an otherwise neutral space. Functionally, they block light and provide privacy.  You can also opt for a different kind of window covering. Shades often give some of the same impact as curtains. They can be bought inexpensively at IKEA or your local hardware store in various sizes. Installation and removal of these types of shades is easy, leaving minimal damage to drywall.


2. Plants 
Faux or real, depending on your green thumb, plants definitely up the cozy factor. If a space feels flat, they bring it to life (literally, if they are alive). If you’re up for the challenge of real plants, there are many that require little maintenance: snake plants, spider plants, or cacti Plants also purify the air and studies show they promote productivity and reduce stress.


3. Light Fixtures
This is likely one of our most expensive suggestions, but it can make a worthy impact. Light fixtures can also be taken with you to your next home. Light fixtures add interest and style to a space. They can quickly make a space feel more modern. They can also set a certain mood at different times of the day depending on their range of brightness. A productive afternoon of work easily becomes a relaxing evening with just a little dimming.


4. Unique Switch Plates
This might seem random but it is such an easy change to make. It requires a screwdriver and less than five minutes. They add personality to something you will see and use every day. They are also the first thing you see when you enter a room and can set the style for the entire space. Play with patterns, shapes, finishes, and colors.


5. Rugs
Rugs add depth to any room even if it is carpeted (or especially if it is carpeted). They can again also add color and pattern, the mix of which add warmth, coziness, and a unique personality that is all your own.


6. Furniture
This one is obvious but important. Consider scale and the combination of textures/materials in your space. Your furniture compilation should complement the size of your space. A big overstuffed couch in a small apartment can make an already small space feel cramped. It can be tough to convince yourself to invest in the right furniture for a temporary place, but you might be surprised how useful and versatile the right piece can be in any home. A great way to make your intentional curation of furniture more affordable is to shop vintage or use social sites to buy and sell as needed.


7. Art Arrangements & Collections Displays 
Art is a great way to get creative and make the most of your temporary home. It is arguably the most impactful change you can make. Displaying meaningful and personal pieces will especially make a space your own. Gallery walls, decorative shelves, mirrors, etc. all have their own visual effects. Mirrors make spaces feel larger. Shelves add texture and dimension to flat walls. Gallery arrangements add lots of interest and personality but maintain cohesion.
Consider some of the things you love and use every day. A vintage record collection for example can double as art displayed on shelves or a media console.


8. Hooks or Storage Solutions
Cute hooks and baskets give your belongings a place which in itself makes a space feel like home. A decluttered, organized home has its own impact on your mood and the way you feel about your space. They also are easier on the eyes than a cluttered mess.


9. Decor Objects & Vases
Again, another area to let the creative juices flow. A vase on a shelf, a decorative crock with a floral arrangement, or a stand for candles can make a big impact. Small additions will add up.


10. Paint or Removable Wallpaper
For this last one, be sure to review your lease agreement and even double check with your landlord. It can have more of a lasting impact that may or may not be allowed by your landlord. If you are permitted, making an accent wall with paint or removable wallpaper makes a big impact. Depending on the color and pattern it can make a room feel smaller or bigger, brighter or darker, depending what sort of compliment your space needs.


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