Thankful for Thanksgiving Turkeys

Thanksgiving Turkey

As you get ready for Thanksgiving, take a moment to be thankful for our most highly celebrated holiday bird, the turkey. The Pilgrims were planning for the first Thanksgiving to be a fast. But, thanks to the arrival of the Wampanoag Indians at the event, it instead became a three day feast! Today, it is pretty hard to imagine the holiday meal without this delicious bird. Here are some fun turkey facts:

  • According to a survey conducted by the National Turkey Federation, nearly 88 percent of Americans said they eat turkey at Thanksgiving.
  • The National Turkey Federation estimated that 46 million turkeys—one fifth of the 235 million consumed in the United States annually—were eaten at Thanksgiving.
  • Swanson TV Dinners were partially inspired by the need to find a way to use a huge amount of leftover frozen Thanksgiving turkeys. These first frozen dinners included turkey, cornbread dressing, frozen peas and sweet potatoes.
  • Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States.
  • Wild turkeys can run 20 miles per hour when they are scared. However, domesticated turkeys are bred to be heavier and can’t run quite that fast.
  • Turkey was part of the first meal enjoyed by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they were on the moon.

The team at Corken + Company wishes you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember, if you’re looking for a bigger home to celebrate in next holiday season, we’re here to help. Call our team for all of your buying, selling, and leasing needs.

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