The REAL Value of Your REALtor

Learn about the value of a realtor
Buying a home is a complicated transaction. It is also likely one of the biggest and most important decisions you will ever make. For many nuanced, complicated and important decisions we consult experienced professionals. You have doctors for health, lawyers for litigation, financial advisors for investments, etc. Buying a home shouldn’t be any different. Your realtor brings real value to your home buying process during three important phases. We have summarized ReColorado‘s exploration of these three phases where having a realtor (more importantly, the right realtor) especially comes in handy.


1. The Search


While there are many online resources available to the layman to conduct their home search, these resources aren’t always the most accurate or up-to-date. Licensed realtors instead have access to the MLS (multiple listing service). This system is an advanced and detailed professional-only database of all homes on the market. Zillow and Redfin use this list to update their databases. However, they are still gleaning information secondhand and therefore running the risks of lag-time and inaccuracies. In fact, there are some homes that go under contract without ever being marketed outside of the MLS with the help of knowledgeable realtors.


In addition, these databases can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. A realtor is essential in helping you narrow your search. They can assist in devising a wish list that is ripe with buzzwords and keywords (ones you may not even know about). They can then create a profile in the MLS to alert them as soon as homes like the one you are looking for come on the market. It sure beats endless scrolling and searching and cross-referencing.


Your realtor, like Corken + Company has professional connections, industry knowledge, and valuable resources that make them invaluable during your home search process. They productively increase and simultaneously narrow (or hone) your options.


2. The Offer


Once your realtor finds you your dream home, now they become essential in helping make sure you beat out other offers. By using their market knowledge and researching comparables, they can help you construct an offer that is competitive. One that is neither generous nor stingy and one that has important (and often nuanced) contingencies in place to protect your interests and entice the seller to pick your offer.


The right offer ensures you don’t overpay and increases your chances of being chosen to go under contract on the home of your dreams.


Your agent can also assist in getting you pre-approved for a loan or obtaining other financial backing which often makes your offer that much more attractive.


Your realtor again earns your trust and their commission. Corken + Company has been writing competitive and winning offers all over Denver Metro for more than twenty years.


3. The Close


You found your dream home and you’re under contract but unfortunately the most complicated part is yet to come. Your agent should provide you with tools to make the steps still ahead a lot more manageable. These include connecting you to qualified home inspectors and appraisers.  They can also help you understand the mountains of paperwork, conditions and other terms of sale that can be arduous to understand and work through. This is the not so fun phase of the home buying process and yet it is one of the most important. Here, your agent has really earned his or her stripes. In this phase, it can be easy to make a costly mistake or be taken advantage of. Let your relator ensure neither happen.


Corken + Company, providing real estate solutions without limits would be honored to find the solution right for you. Learn about the value of a realtor who will work hard for you.

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