Clever Design Ideas for Timeless Children’s Rooms

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When it’s time to transition a baby or toddler space into a bona fide kids bedroom, forward-thinking design choices can help make the trade up exciting for both parent and child. But for school-age kids who have formed strong opinions about what they like and don’t like, finding common ground can seem challenging. Local interior designers say it is possible to fold in your kids’ preferences without going down the theme-room rabbit hole. Corken and Company is here to help you navigate creating the perfect children’s rooms. Here are a few tips on making this an enjoyable experience for all!

Bed + Dresser:

Once they are ready for a real bed—we’re talking no rails, and a twin-size mattress or larger, experts are partial to day beds with a trundle, in a gray or other neutral tone kids won’t outgrow. In a shared room, the trundle provides a bonus area to lie down, read books, and play with the baby while the older child is at school.

Chillaxing Space:

If your square footage allows, a spot for kids to unwind with a book or drawing pad can make a kid’s bedroom space feel like a mini home of their own. Egg chairs are like a little cocoon and create a sensory experience that both little kids and big kids love. Kids love setups that include a bean bag or small-scale chair with a colorful, cozy rug.

Light Matters:

Don’t overlook task lighting like wall sconces or bedside lamps, especially in the reading space. A recessed light is handy in the ceiling right above the bed, with a switch nearby for easy off/on, or a wall-mounted lamp also works. Dimmer switches on all bedroom lighting are amazing as well. Studies have shown that dimmer lighting before bedtime can increase sleep quality in both kids and adults.


Every parent knows kids come with a high “stuff” quotient, but there are ways to keep it at bay—or at least conceal it. Cube-like shelving for its depth is great for all your childs knick knacks. There is space to line up books and still have room to display kids’ favorite trinkets in front of them.

Art + Display:

For displaying paper treasures, think beyond the bulletin board to display paintings, cards from Grandma, and science fair ribbons. Consider convertible bulletin boards with pegs that can move around; an “art wall” made from a simple curtain rod and clip-style curtain rings; or a shadow box to display favorite figurines.


It is important for kids to be a part of the decision making process when it comes to their “own” space. These tips will help you as a parent be able to create a fun space for your child, all while preserving your personal aesthetic and organization goals. We here at Corken and Company love helping families make their house a home, and we hope these tips help every member of your family love their space!


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