Top Three Pieces of Advice for your 2023 Transaction

market advice brings three pieces of advice to consider if you are getting into the market this year. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, our team at Corken + Company is here to help guide you through your transaction. Contact our experienced realtors today at

Be Prepared

Having a mortgage lender and realtor selected before considering getting into the market is important. This set of experts will help to ensure that you are financially prepared and aware of the transaction to come. 

Get your Finances Prepared

Learn what you may need to save up and what you may need to prepare to help the bank move quickly and seamlessly throughout your transaction. Getting prequalified with a lender will allow you to focus your home search. Having a knowledgeable realtor prepare a CMA will help to understand what your home is worth. They can also help you understand what kind of equity you may have in your current property. 

Adjust your Expectations

Prices have come down a little, but have not completely balanced out. This means that even though the market may not be as competitive as the market we saw in previous years, it is still important to go in with a strong mindset and an understanding of your local market. If you are selling, making sure your home is ready for a potential buyer and priced strategically will be key to making sure you put your best foot forward on your first active day. For buyers, making sure you have a general understanding of what your priorities are in a home is key. Putting consideration into your sale or purchase will help to ensure that you achieve your real estate goals.


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