15 Ideas For Valentine’s Day At Home

15 Ideas for Valentine's Day at Home
With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, love is in the air. Unfortunately, but so is COVID. Like most holidays in recent memory, we are going to have to pivot. Having a meal at a restaurant, going dancing, catching a movie, or many of the other activities that normally come to mind when we plan for the holiday will need some adjustment to make sure we all stay safe and healthy. Here are a few ideas from Good Housekeeping for a socially distant celebration of love. Different doesn’t have to be any less special and romantic.


1. Breakfast in Bed
Before your significant other even awakes, the celebration begins. There is no better way to say good morning and I love you than with some blueberry pancakes and hot coffee. Make them heart-shaped for an extra dose of mushy gushy.


2. Dress Up
Just because you’re not leaving your house, doesn’t mean you can’t get just as fancy as you would on a normal Valentine’s Day. Putting on a dress or a nice suite coat will help make the night feel more special than any other night. And keep in mind, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It’s also a day to celebrate the friends and other family members you love. There’s nothing cuter than the family wearing matching t-shirts or all putting on your favorite shade of red.


3. Decorate
Balloons and streamers always make for a party or look for the link in the GH article offering easy DIY decoration ideas.


4. Make a Photo Book
Not only does this double as a unique gift, but creating a photo book with your significant other or as a family makes for a fun adventure down memory lane. It’s a nostalgic look back on all of the love and memories you’ve shared.


5. Recreate Your First Date
Not redo, recreate. Transform your living room into the place you met or the first place you went on a date. Was it at a coffee shop? Whip up some artisanal beverages and put on some French café music. Was it a concert venue? Order a strobe light on Amazon, turn down the lights and rock out. The zoo? Put stuffed animals or printed cut outs of animals throughout the house. Stroll through the exhibits reminiscing on all the things you thought and talked about on that very first meeting.


6. Take A Class
This is a fun idea again for just you and your partner or the whole family. Lots of online sources offer virtual classes including cooking, dancing, and craft-making.


7. Make a Charcuterie Board
What’s more fancy than a charcuterie board? Load up a cutting board with cheese, crackers, nuts, olives, artisanal mustards and jams. Not a big fan of cheese? Make it a dessert board filled with chocolates and candies.


8. Send a Valentine
If you can’t be with your Valentine in person, send your love via snail mail. A sweet card, bouquet, or box of chocolates should do the trick.


9. Play Games
Board games or card games are a great way to get the whole family together for some enjoyment and laughs. A fun game for couples is “date night table topics.” It gets unique conversations started about things you may have never discussed.


10. Make A Festive Cocktail
It’s a favorite past time for Christmas and Thanksgiving, why not Valentine’s Day? You can find tons of interesting recipes online or even take a virtual mixology class from an expert mixologist. Activity and libations in one!


11. Move Marathon
Don’t make the holiday stressful. There’s nothing wrong with kicking back for an all-day movie marathon. Only rom-coms and popcorn required.


12. Write A Love Letter
Even if you’re spending the holiday together, a thoughtfully composed letter is one of the best ways to express your feelings. It also becomes a keepsake you can both reread and revisit time and again in the future.


13. Write A Thank You Letter
There are many forms of love so while you have the stationary out, maybe throw in some thoughtfully composed letters of gratitude. It doesn’t even have to be in regard to something specific. Spread the love by telling friends and family how much you appreciate who they are and all they do.


14. Cook A Meal
Since eating out can be somewhat complicated or just downright cold these days, opt for a nice meal at your own dining table replete with wine, candles, and a floral arrangement centerpiece. Maybe finish off the evening baking a delicious dessert.


15. Pop a Bottle
It wouldn’t be a celebration without some bubbly. Grab a few champagne glasses and toast to your special love with the ones you love!


Happy Valentine’s Day from Corken + Company!

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