Great Gifts for Neighbors

Gifts for neighbors
The real estate market is booming here in Colorado, and as new neighbors are showing up it is a good thing to welcome them with open arms. At Corken + Company we value every aspect of our clients lives and are available for any real estate needs you may have. This includes tips on how to welcome your new friends to the neighborhood!


Fruits, Veggies or Flowers:
If you’re a gardener, consider sharing the bounty. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a big hit. They may even inspire some fun, future garden rivalry. Flowers are always a welcomed addition to a new home as well.


Snacks and a Drink:
Who doesn’t love treats? Although it used to be the tradition to bring a bottle of wine for new neighbors, be cognizant of the fact that some may prefer not to drink alcoholic beverages. Instead, bring over a bottle of sparkling water and fruit juice to make a spritzer. To accompany the refreshers, pack a small fruit basket and chocolates.


Gift Card to a Local Spot:
Everyone loves to check out new restaurants. Bring your new neighbors a gift card from a local favorite and support your community while welcoming a new friend.


Host a Gathering:
Plan a meet and greet as a gift for neighbors. It’ll give you an excuse to have a party and will help your new friends acclimate to the neighborhood. You don’t need to plan anything fancy. A small backyard BBQ is always fun. You can move the party indoors during the cooler months.


Although summers can be a busy time, it is also a great time to build a thriving community!


Still looking for the perfect neighborhood for you? Our team at Corken + Company includes multiple realtors with expertise across Colorado. We’d love to help! Contact us today. 


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