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Work with a Realtor- What we wish you knew
We are in the midst of a whirlwind real estate market and having the right partner by your side to navigate all of its twists and turns is essential. Being strategic and diligent from a unified front will make all the difference. In the spirit of team work, we thought we would take this opportunity to peel back the veil a bit and reveal some of the best ways to help us help you. At Corken & Company, we will work tirelessly to reach your real estate goals.  Let’s perfect our partnership with some trade secrets we wish you knew…


1. Pick One Agent and Stick with Him/Her
Developing a relationship with your real estate agent is a game changer. Give him or her the time and loyalty required to get to know you and exactly what you are looking for in a home. This mutual trust and understanding will prove valuable throughout the homebuying process and long into the future. You’ll likely make multiple moves in your lifetime or possibly want to invest in real estate in the future. A trusted ally makes all of your real estate goals more attainable. We can’t urge you enough to work with a realtor, in general.


2. Come Ready to Buy
And let us help get you there! In this fast-paced market, it’s important that when we have found what you are looking for, we are prepared to make quick and strategic moves to secure your future home. Corken & Company has lenders to get you pre-approved so we are ready to pounce on a rare opportunity.


3. Play Hard to Get
This is more for your emotional wellbeing than anything else. There are lots of beautiful homes out there, and we will find the best one for you but only through patience and due diligence. No real estate transaction is final until it is closed. Try not to get too attached to anything until after inspection and appraisal. Corken + Company bids competitively to find you the perfect home. You can trust that you have an experienced and competitive team on your side.


4. In It for the Long Haul
While exhausting (and at times disheartening), the fun part of homebuying is the hunt. With specific home searches and unmatched negotiation skills, Corken & Company will get you under contract. The more difficult part comes between offer and closing. During this crucial time, our expertise and experience truly triumphs. Trust us to see you through it.


5. No Two Are Alike 
No two real estate journeys are alike. Don’t expect yours to be exactly like anyone else’s. While friends and family can be helpful mentors during the homebuying process, they should inform your questions rather than your decisions. Remember your agent has worked on several transactions while a friend or family member has likely been party to only a handful or less. You agent is your most informed, resourceful, and equipped ally.


Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or have made several home purchases, buying a home is a daunting undertaking. We cannot suggest enough that you work with a realtor. We promise real estate solutions without limits. Purchasing a home in an aggressive seller-leaning market is no match for this pairing – Corken + Company and you!


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