Winter Home Sales Can Be An Advantage

Front of Winter Home

There are some great advantages to selling a home in the Denver area during the winter season, especially in the areas where jobs are bring people rapidly into the area. With an experienced broker who has an agile business model, listing a home in Denver, and for clients looking to sell a home in Denver, in the winter can, for many, be a way to get ahead of the pack and walk away with a great return on investment.

Granted, there are typically more people looking for homes during the warmer months, so it is understandable that the thinking might be that a larger pool of people looking at your home will equal a better time to sell a home in Denver. However, the more homes on the market, the more competition. Listing a home in the winter months can enhance the interior features of a home, and as long as the idea of the exterior benefits are shown well, buyers will be able to envision the outside possibilities.

Motivated sellers and serious buyers can make a great combination for those selling a home in Denver in the winter. With less pressure to compete with multiple offers, buyers can take more time to consider homes for sale and envision their family in the home. That said, with less inventory on the market in the winter, sellers may see increased competition amongst buyers. We are lucky in the Denver area that winters often include many sunny days where snow is not an issue. The seller’s job is to ensure walkways are shoveled, the front door is inviting, and interior home features are well-showcased. This will all lead to creating a cozy and positive vision of the home that will increase the possibility of an offer.

The influx of people moving to the Denver area, looking to buy a home in Denver, an overall low inventory of homes for sale in Denver in the Denver area, and fewer homes on the market in the winter will offer those considering a when to list their home potential great opportunity. Getting situated in time for school enrollment and more flexibility in scheduling the moving trucks before the season gets busy are just two great reasons people like to shop and buy during the colder months. So don’t count out the idea of a winter listing as you consider when to list your home in the Denver area. Corken + Company hopes to be your partner to sell a home in Denver, and for all of your Real Estate Solutions without Limits.

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