Seven Yardwork Tips

Yardwork Tips
Summer weather is in full swing for many Coloradans. Get started on making your yard look incredible with these tips from us here at Corken + Company.


Get Your Garden in Gear:
As long as you find plants that are suited for your region’s temperature, your summer lawn care can start at the first sign of decent weather. Let everybody else get the late jump by starting after the warm temperatures come around. If cooler fronts roll in, just cover your plants with a tarp or plastic and make sure they don’t get too much water. And don’t forget that your plants will need solid soil to be ready for the sunshine.


Distressed Look:
There’s beauty in use. That’s the philosophy behind the current wave of ‘distressed’ looking pieces that everyone seems to love. To add this touch to your porch furniture, apply a new coat of white paint and distress with sandpaper. Sand down the corners just enough to match this style.


Add Some Color:
Throw in fun colors to brighten up your yard. Reds and yellows go a long way to make a yard “pop”.


Mulch can make a huge difference in the appearance of your backyard. It is inexpensive and can help cover up any empty or dry spots.


Put Your Weeds to Work:
Tired of planting flowers that never look nice? Are you sick of weeds growing like, well, weeds? Then put them to work for you! Cut down a few groves and throw them on the hillside. Once they all start to bloom, the various colors and natural look of them will add a beautiful touch to your outdoor space.


Sharpen Mower Blades:
Spraying cooking oil on your blades is a great trick! It isn’t technically sharpening the blades but this simple trick will help the grass not clump or stick to the mower. The cleaner the break, the healthier the yard.


Take out the Trash:
If you’re on the fence about the fence (or any other decoration that has paid its dues), err on the safe side. Unless it looks brand new or charming, there’s no reason to clutter up your space. A clean exterior is a pretty one-your neighbors will think so too.


Making your yard a beautiful oasis is important for any homeowner! Enjoy the cool Colorado nights with an amazing outdoor space. 


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