10 Home Renovation Trends to Expect in 2021

Home Renovation Trends
What has proved to be a roller coaster of a year, is (finally) coming to an end. Every December we look forward to a new beginning, but this year it feels more deserved than ever. We’ve been cooped up in our homes, staring at the same walls and analyzing all of its nooks and crannies. Hopefully we stare and analyze with pride but likely there are some nooks and crannies that get the occasional glance of distaste. All of the home projects we have put off are becoming more apparent and all of the renovation dreams we have are becoming more vivid.
There has been lots of time to dream and scheme. Put those plans to use in 2021 by considering some of these new design trends from Realtor.com that you’re sure to see in the coming year.



1. The “Cloffice”
If you have a home office, you know how valuable it’s proved during quarantine. Whether it’s used for at-home learning or working remotely, it has likely become the busiest room in the house. If you don’t have a home office, make one. Is there a room or area that isn’t being used to its fullest potential? Maybe even consider the newest WFH design innovation: the cloffice. Turn an unused closet into a cozy workspace just by adding a countertop, a chair and some cute decor.


2. Separation
Not gone are the days of open, airy floorplans but it does seem like they will come with a caveat in the next year. Open still, but with clearly designated areas. The fun comes in when you consider how to designate. A floating fireplace wall becomes the perfect delineation between a living room and dining room. A nook with frosted glass or a sliding door becomes the ideal place to read a book or take a Zoom call. 2021 design calls for a cozier common space that offers separation and room to be alone. Multi-generational households especially are looking to spread out.


3. Indoor House Plants & Gardens
Spending more time indoors has urged us to bring the outdoors in. Expand your plant collection this next year. They improve air quality and energize a space; not to mention their rich color and aesthetic appeal.


4. Natural Accents & Textiles
This nod to nature extends far beyond house plants. Natural fiber rugs such as jute and furniture pieces made from plant materials like wood and rattan will steal the show in 2021. Design professionals caution here, as with any trend, start small and don’t overdo it.


5. Wood Grain Kitchen Cabinets & Counters
Skip the staining and painting. Design trends point towards more minimal and raw finishes. Think butcher block counters and ashy birch or rich walnut cabinets. These materials (not to be used in unison; see warning about overdoing it above!) will ensure the final look of the space feels both elevated and grounded.


6. Elaborate Backyard Playgrounds
When going to the neighborhood park becomes an unsafe endeavor, why not bring the park home? Your average backyard swing set will likely get some upgrades in 2021. A zip-line here and climbing wall there and you’ve got yourself the ultimate play place. Neighborhood park who?


7. Outdoor Kitchens & Entertaining Space
If the kids are getting some upgrades, why not the adults. An outdoor kitchen with a dining space, lounge space, and entertainment space will be the goal next year. Enjoy the open air and space to social distance while you spend time with friends and family, no Zoom required. See our recent post on expanding the use of your patio through the winter months for more tips and ideas.


8. Smart Bathrooms
A toilet paper shortage and a newfound obsession with hygiene was all we needed to realize the true value of having a “smart” (electronically that is) bathroom. Bidets are just the beginning; you might also find toilets that flush and clean themselves or lights and appliances that turn on with the wave of hand.


9. Throwback Furniture & Color Palettes
The complications of 2020 have us nostalgic for the past and simpler times. This has resulted in a resurfacing of curvy furniture from the 80s and traditional furniture from the 90s. There is also a renewed interest in bold color combos and accent walls.


10. Layering
Nothing says cozy like a knit couch under a knit blanket under a knit pillow or two. Mixing textures and layering them on top of each other should make being confined to your couch a little more bearable if not enjoyable.


The trends outlined above are a direct indication of our collective psyche. We are looking to slow down, cuddle up, and start anew. Corken + Company, offering real estate solutions without limits, is here to help. Whether you need design advice, a contractor reference, or maybe even just a clean slate in a new home, we have the resources and experience to ensure another year doesn’t pass before you reach your real estate goals. 


With a fresh start and some fresh paint – be it by moving, building or considering home renovation – let Corken + Company make 2021 the year you discover your dream home.

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