How to Enjoy your Patio this Winter

Yes, you read that right. Just because winter is here, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate indoors the next few months. As residents of Colorado, we treasure our fresh air and sunshine. We are nature people and now more than ever we crave quality time outside. Get your fix and extend the use of your patio through the holidays and beyond with these three simple tips from REcolorado Home Blog.


And, don’t forget Colorado weather can change in an instant. It might seem pointless to leave patio furniture outside that you will only use a few times. But there are plenty of days in December that reach into the sixties. Those random warmer days coupled with the following winterizing tricks might have you and your family enjoying your outdoor space much more than you anticipate.


1. Bring the heat.
If you want to enjoy your patio with family and guests, you’ll likely have to first address the freezing temps. You can add warmth, ambiance, and all the cozy vibes with a nice firepit and/or heater. Both can be purchased from online and home store retailers as freestanding units or be professionally installed as permanent fixtures. The latter is actually a smart investment to consider. It could greatly improve the resale value of your home. In fact, with the demands of quarantine, outdoor space to enjoy has recently jumped to the top of most buyers’ wishlists.


You can also add something as simple as pillows and throws to stay comfortable and warm. There are many durable blankets that can withstand the elements or you can just bring them inside when not in use.


2. Keep the heat.
Any warmth you bring to your patio and outdoor space will be a lot more effective if it is reinforced by some sort of structure to enclose it. A pergola, awning, or overhang will not only fend off a fall breeze or some of that winter cold and precipitation, but will also provide shade from the sun come summertime. You can create walls with something as simple as curtains or something as intricate as screens, glass, or structured walls made of a myriad of building materials.


3. Light it up.
Lighting is so important in any space and the great outdoors is no exception. Lighting walkways and adding permanent fixtures by way of chandeliers and sconces will help the area feel finished and inviting. Candles and tiki torches are a great inexpensive addition to improve the mood and provide more warmth. With proper lighting you can cozy up long into those winter nights roasting marshmallows, sipping hot cocoa and star gazing.


Bonus Idea
Of course a larger investment, but still one to consider: the hot tub. Again, this directly contributes to your home’s resale value and should bring your family lots of enjoyment all year round.


Corken + Company is always eager to help you discover the most value from your home. Let it work for you! We offer real estate solutions without limits so winterizing your backyard is a piece of cake. Let us know what else you might need from your current or future home and find the solutions right for you!

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