5 Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Sell a Home

Preparing your house for sale can feel overwhelming. Staying organized, having a plan and working with your broker to utilize resources will reduce stress and create a more positive real estate experience. Planning to sell a home in Denver? The goal in this process is to attract potential buyers and help them visualize how this home could become theirs. Corken + Company brings over 20+ years of experience to help you sell a home in Denver. Here are some of our tricks of the trade:

1.Create a timeline and to-do list:

Selling a home can happen at any pace that you see fit. Work with your listing broker to identify a realistic time frame for putting the house on the market. Ask about the marketing and social media plan and use broker resources to get things done quickly.

2.Declutter, depersonalize and stage: 

Look at your home with an objective eye. Get rid of the stacks of old magazines, piles of children’s toys and anything that makes the rooms look cluttered. Too much furniture in the room? Store the excess so the rooms feel larger. Remove extra personal items from each room, too. Family photos and collectibles can be distracting. Corken + Company offers a professional stager to ensure the home is prepared for potential buyers. Board the pets to reduce their stress and make buyers feel at ease.

3.Do a deep clean:

A dirty home will create project lists in the buyer’s mind which may result in a lower offer. Clean window tracks and molding, ensure the shower is mold-free and carpets are clean. Remove half of everything in the closets to create a more spacious feel. People are naturally curious, so keep drawers and cupboards minimized and clean and store valuables elsewhere. Clean windows will enhance the views, so keep the blinds open! When you make the choice to sell a home in Denver, you are also entrusting that people will be coming into your home to make choices about what they like and do not like. This makes it important to make sure that your are marketing your property best you can.

4.Prepare for the drive-by shopper:

Create a welcoming home exterior. Curb appeal matters. Tidying the borders and beds, and adding a chair and potted plant to the porch may be just the touch that says, come on in! A freshly painted or stained front door can also make a great first impression.

5.Pre-pack and start to let go:

Pack items into boxes and store them in one bay of the garage to create that spacious feel. This will signify to buyers you are serious about selling. Work to emotionally detach from your house. Your home is where you are, so look to the future and know your home sale process will be a success.


When it comes time to sell a home in Denver there are many factors to consider in order to be prepared. The team at Corken + Company is here to make the process of selling a home as easy as possible, and is here assist in your Real Estate Solutions without Limits.


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