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When looking into Denver real estate marketing, the main selling points tend to be the master bedroom and bathroom, or the kitchen. Kitchen technology and design continues to evolve and adapt to today’s busy lifestyles. Kitchen connectivity is a trend that will become more mainstream with the arrival of each new appliance season. Smart appliances will get smarter and how they assist with productivity, efficiency and ease of use will remain a focus in the kitchen as well as other areas of the home. Integrating computing into the kitchen will affect design and counter use, and heighten the potential for effective real estate marketing.

Touchless faucets are available now and only require a wave of the hand to activate, keeping kitchen surfaces clean and germ free. Imagine your favorite online recipe website projected up through your glass countertop—no more sticky fingers turning paper pages! Will a wave of your hand over a recipe activate an ingredient list that tells which items you have and where they are in the pantry?

In Denver, real estate marketing, bold colors, sleek and clean design combined with texture and glass tile backsplashes will offer chefs and snackers alike gorgeous, yet functional kitchen spaces that look stylishly simple while allowing for a user-specific experience that engages an expansive knowledge base of user preferences and habits. Perhaps someday soon, your fridge or pantry will request grocery items that need to be replenished from an online delivery service.

Will our fridge soon know that the ketchup is almost empty and there is only one left in the pantry? When will expiration dates on food be monitored by our refrigerator, keeping us safe by alerting us of food past its prime? Given that refrigerators already have computer systems and screens in them, this really isn’t a huge leap. Though the potential for this to happen may not be present now, we can only imagine what kind of potential this would offer in the process of advertising real estate listings.

There really is no limit to how our kitchens will help us in the future. As people have less time to plan, prepare and create in the kitchen, the minutia of kitchen management will lean heavily on technology so we can focus the time we spend in the kitchen on the parts of cooking (and eating) we truly enjoy. We, as Denver metro realtors, look forward to what the future has to offer in high tech kitchens and Denver real estate marketing potential.

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