Always a Time to Invest

Time to Invest

As the rest of the globe frantically addresses the Corona virus pandemic shutting down schools, posting travel bans, and buying all the toilet paper that has ever existed, one thing remains the same: investing in real estate is always a good idea. While attention turns to COVD-19 and its social and economic effects, we can’t overlook the value of real estate and its proven endurance. Unlike stocks and other vulnerable investments, the value of land rarely depreciates.


Real Estate Boom

It is well known that Denver is booming and bustling. As large companies continue to move to or expand into Denver, job opportunities continue to flourish. Between that, the sunshine, and all of the recreational and outdoor adventures that await, it’s obvious there will be no shortage of renters in the coming years. In addition, interest rates are the lowest they have been in a long time. Maybe now more than ever is the best time to consider investing.


We wish you so much luck on your real estate investment journey. Corken + Company, providing Real Estate Solutions Without Limits, would love to come along for the ride. We hope to continue to be your trusted real estate partners. We promise we’ll share our toilet paper!


When you find your next investment, we urge you to follow RISMedia’s tips to make it a seamless and more successful endeavor:

-Use electronic locks to avoid the high cost of changing the locks between each tenant. It also eliminates the late-night calls when tenants get locked out.

-Use a property manager because the last thing you want is for your investment property to lure you away from your day job. For a small fee, they can handle all day-to-day requirements and possible complications.

-Collect rent via an online service to make sure you are getting your monthly income. The cost of this service can even be lumped into your tenant’s rent.

-Keep a tidy, well-kept property. Make the necessary repairs and renovations and hire a cleaning service between tenants.

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