Getting Your Backyard Summer Ready

Summer 2021 backyard design trends
As we realized over this past year the invaluable benefit of having outdoor space to enjoy, many combed YouTube for DIY videos and took to their local hardware stores. We all wanted to make our yards more useful not to mention more aesthetically pleasing.


If you’re late to the game or are just excited to refresh your outdoor spaces for summer, use these 10 easy tips and project ideas to make your back patio the dreamy oasis you always knew it could be. As realtors, we should also mention that caring for your exterior spaces only helps your home’s appreciation and retains its value.


1. Give it a good power wash.
Giving your fences or decks a power wash followed by a new coat of paint or stain will help brighten the space after a long winter of weathering.


2. Insect proof the yard
Adding screens, traps, and citronella candles will help keep the bugs at bay this summer. Removing any standing water (bird baths, etc.) and building bird or bat houses high up in surrounding trees will also help.


3. Put up string lights.
Talk about a big bang for a small buck. String lights add so much charm and romance to a space without needing to be professionally installed. Use hooks and wire to hang them from trees, umbrellas, pergolas, fences and even your house’s siding.


4. Clean the grill.
Prepare for summer barbeques by giving the grill a deep clean. Start by scrubbing and soaking the grates. Then finish it up with a stainless-steel polish and shine. Keep your grill cover on whenever it’s not in use to protect from weather and dirt.


5. Make a utensil tray for your picnic table.
Buy yourself a six pack of summer spritzers or IPA’s (in glass bottles) and use the carton it comes in to store utensils and napkins for outdoor dining.


6. Make a tree stump table.
Is there an old tree trunk on the side of your house leftover from landscaping, taking up space and slowly degrading? Sand and finish it with a protective coat to make it a useful garden stool or side table.


7. Make a privacy wall.
Using an old room separator or some spare wood create a privacy wall. Don’t have any old materials lying around? A mesh shoe organizer is inexpensive and can easily become great storage for your favorite herbs or plants. It also makes a beautiful and unique privacy wall.


8. DIY simple lanterns for more lighting.
Tea lights placed in mason jars make the perfect lanterns and can be hung on shepherds hooks throughout your yard.


9. Upcycle planters.
Use old containers, even trash cans, as planters for your favorite flowers. Don’t forget to drill holes in the bottoms for drainage.


10. Make decorative pathways.
Is your grass wearing down along the pathway from your porch to your garage? Make it permanent by laying wood planks or pavers and surrounding them with gravel.


With the first day of summer only a few months away, we hope these tips help you get a jumpstart on enjoying one of our favorite seasons. At Corken + Company, we encourage you to make the most of your home all year long.


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