Welcome to Denver: Moving Tips for Transplants

Colorado Real Estate Professionals offer moving tips
Home shoppers from all over the country are looking to Denver’s robust market for their next home. Coastal dwellers from New York and California are trading in their skyrise penthouses for a Denver square or a mansion in the mountains.


The last year has reminded many that the right home in the right place goes a long way towards maintaining your family’s health and well-being. The list of reasons to live in Colorado goes on and on.


If you are in the process of relocating or even if you’re in the first stages of home shopping in the area, here a few helpful tips from REcolorado Home Blog to make your move as seamless as possible. For Denver natives as well, just making a move across the city, many of these tips can help.


1. Hire Movers
Moving everything yourself might seem like a good way to pinch pennies in the midst of a process that is very expensive but the value of having movers is well worth the money. By the time you have paid for the moving truck, gas, packing supplies, and possibly even hotels, you’ve probably about paid the amount it would cost to just hire someone else do it all. Not to mention the time and energy saved by your friends and family when the ordeal of moving is exhausting enough.


Save yourself the hassle and leave it to the professionals. They know the tricks of the trade to get it done quickly and safely. They also have the insurance to cover a mistake if things go awry.


2. Adjust to the Altitude & Climate
Denver is high in elevation (a mile high in fact, hence the catchy nickname) and many of its surrounding mountain towns are much higher. Depending where you are coming from, the altitude change can be problematic at fist for many newcomers. You might be excited to take advantage of your new home and get out hiking and biking right away, but consider taking it easy for the first few days or even weeks. Give yourself time to rest and adjust.


You’ll find Denver is also very dry. Drink lots of water and make it a habit to regularly use a moisturizer on your skin, hair, and lips.

You might even want to reassess your wardrobe. Our weather can be unpredictable. You’ll want lots of pieces to layer: fleeces, jackets, rainwear, snow coat and boots, etc. But, on the other hand, we do get almost 300 days of sunshine so be sure to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, and lots of hats along as well.


3. Tweak Your Budget
Again, this can depend exclusively on where you’re coming from. Many coastal dwellers will be pleasantly surprised to find the cost of living to be much less than what they are used to. However, others, moving from the South or Midwest, will find the opposite.


Generally, Denver has higher paying jobs than most of the country but also has a higher cost of living. Wherever you come from, it might take some time to get used to the value of a dollar in your new home.


4. Get to know the culture and political climate
Colorado, especially Denver, has many progressive residents but overall, the state is a mixed bag politically. You’ll find viewpoints of all kinds as well as initiatives and campaigns that lean both red and blue.
Another element of a state’s political climate is the tax situation. Colorado has a generally high sales tax with relatively low property taxes (again both of these depend on where you are coming from).


Finally, maybe one of Denver’s biggest draws is its culture or lifestyle. Most people are interested in outdoor activities and enjoy spending time in the mountains. Weekend ski trips and evening hikes are something you might want to start getting used to.


5. Get out there and meet your neighbors
Denver is generally a very welcoming community. It is full of transplants, usually young and well educated, eager to meet people and seek out new adventures. Take advantage of this friendly atmosphere by introducing yourself to your neighbors, attending community gatherings, and exploring nearby parks, shops, and restaurants. We promise you’ll fall even more in love each day you live here.


Corken + Company has been managing real estate transactions in Denver Metro for more than 20 years. We love this slice of paradise where we get to work and play and we know you will too! Moving, no matter how far, can be quite the adjustment but our concierge-style services ensure the process is seamless and worry free.


If you’re considering making a move to Denver or Colorado in general, trust us to be your comprehensive real estate resource, Corken + Company, offering Real Estate Solutions without Limits.

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