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Continuing our discussion last week of some of the best cities in surrounding Denver for first-time homebuyers to start shopping, we have consolidated even further to focus on some of the best neighborhoods to shop in Denver Metro. When deciding what home to buy, especially your first, many factors should be taken into account. Among these are location, affordability, and the promise of future or fast-growing equity. With these important things in mind, we have zeroed in on ten Denver neighborhoods to help you find a home in Colorado.


Fort Logan,
just north of Littleton, is affordable and offers a densely suburban layout. There are lots of great bars and restaurants to try and many of the residents are young professionals and families. It has a low crime rate and renowned elementary school.


is a rapidly developing stretch of both urban and industrial blocks just northeast of Downtown Denver. Home prices haven’t yet reached the levels of surrounding desirable neighborhoods such as RiNo (or River North) or Whittier, but the neighborhood stills sits in proximity to many of the same amenities. In fact, Globeville is one of a cluster of transitional neighborhoods offering opportunity for first-time homebuyers. This cluster includes ColeClayton, and Elyria-Swansea.


Barnum West 
is often known to be one of Denver’s far outlying neighborhoods given its distance from the city center, but in actuality its location is one of its most desirable attributes. With its convenient proximity to 6th Avenue, a resident can either be downtown or on their way to the mountains in minutes. Its crime rate does tend to be higher which can also be a deterrent, but depending on your most crucial criteria, many of its criticisms are far outweighed by its reasonable home prices.


Alta Vista 
is a desirable niche of Denver’s popular suburb, Arvada. It offers a quiet, safe, and spread-out suburban lifestyle for new families. Many homes have more space as do the lots they sit on.


Harvey Park 
is nestled between Downtown Denver and Englewood. There are lots of restaurants and parks to enjoy. Not to mention, home prices are reasonable but climbing so potential future equity is assured. Some other less affordable neighborhoods that offer even more resale value to first-time homebuyers with a bigger budget are SunnysideEdgewater, and University Hills.


is a family-friendly neighborhood centered around the stunning and serene university campus. Many first-time homebuyers find it affordable and promising of a great quality of life. It also has a great location bordering Sloans Lake and just off of i70.


Valverde and Lincoln Park,
adjacent to the hustle and bustle of Downtown, are the overlooked gems of Denver’s urban neighborhoods. They boast many small, and therefore more affordable homes, that are perfect for couples and new families. Some homes aren’t particularly move-in ready so if you are up for the challenge of renovation, you stand to gain equity even more rapidly.


Central Park,
formerly known as Stapleton, is another popular neighborhood for first-time homebuyers to explore. Many restaurants, boutiques and other innovative urban businesses are opening up second and third locations within its borders. The beautiful Stanley Marketplace attracts families from all over Denver Metro.


Sun Valley,
home to Empower Field, has lots of new real estate development including condos and townhomes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that a Broncos game is just steps away.


Chaffee Park,
located north of the posh Sunnyside and Berkeley neighborhoods, offers proximity to many bars, restaurants, and shops but with a slightly more manageable price tag for your home.


Wherever, you decide to start your search and ultimately live, begin your home search with Corken+ Company.  Our experts can help you find a home in Colorado, whether it’s your first or your fifth. Consider each of these lists we share a loose framework only. It’s more important that we sit down and discuss your particular needs to strategize the home search best for you. Offering real estate solutions without limits, we would love the privilege of guiding you on your very first homebuying journey and all those to come. Contact our team today to help you find your home in Colorado!
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