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Buying your first home is a big step and where you decide to live is almost more important than the actual home you decide to live in. Depending on your needs and wants, almost any home can become your dream home with a little bit of work. It’s far more difficult to move a home to your dream neighborhood.


We encourage you to revisit our recent post outlining the homebuying process for first-time homebuyers. While we briefly discuss in the linked post some vital considerations to make when deciding where to live, we think it is worthwhile to elaborate further here. The fast-moving, competitive Denver market specifically presents a myriad of both opportunities and complications for first-time homebuyers. Honing in on the cities that offer the highest quality of life, lowest home prices, and most promising resale values can assure you begin your real estate journey right.
Our team at Corken + Company is here to help you find your home in Colorado. From ReColorado, here are some of Denver’s neighborhoods, suburbs, and surrounding cities where first-time homebuyers should take a second and maybe even third look.


Arvada –
One of the most rapidly changing areas of Denver, Arvada is a great place to settle down. It’s central location along the light rail system and just off of i70 offers convenient access to both coveted outdoor adventure and urban activities. Housing options are diverse for any price point.


Aurora –
With some of the lowest home prices to be found in Denver, this area attracts many first-time homebuyers. Its rapid development offers rapid equity growth. As the city grows, so do home values.


Boulder –
While home prices here are some of the highest in the country, its amenities, community, and quality of life are well worth the price tag. With 45,000 acres dedicated to hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and more, Boulder is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream locale.


Centennial –
Known for its tight-knit community vibe and network of schools, recreation parks, and outdoor trails and reservoirs, this family-friendly city is particularly attractive for homebuyers looking to spread out a little and raise children.


Colorado Springs –
With breathtaking views, more space, and more seclusion than most of Denver Metro, Colorado Springs offers a peaceful way of life. It also boasts a thriving arts & culture scene for fans of performances, art galleries, and other fine arts.


Denver –
Of course, with 80 neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own appeal, Denver is the most diversified market for first-time homebuyers. With rich culture and progressive enterprise, it offers plenty of opportunity to grow and explore. Museums, breweries, restaurants, shopping, and arts & entertainment abound. It is a central hub for business and lifestyle in the region.


Fort Collins –
In keeping with the other college towns on this list, (Boulder and Colorado Springs), this northern Colorado town offers city living at a slower pace. Bordering two popular state parks, it is your gateway to the Front Range.


Greeley –
An under-rated suburb of Denver, this college town is also a growing and desirable place to shop for your first home. Affordable prices, craft breweries and signature community events make it a great place to try your hand at domesticity.


Longmont –
Tons of outdoor activities, open space, live music and farmers’ markets make this a locals-centric place to live. Head to the mountains or historic downtown depending on your mood and the day. It’s the best of both worlds.


Thornton –
Again, a family-friendly neighborhood with plenty to offer in the way of festivals, concerts, events, and outdoor activity. To top it all off: a great school system.


Westminster –
A spread out city with the convenience of shopping centers and other family entertainment. Good schools and beautiful mountain views make this a frequent choice of first-time homebuyers.


Wherever you decide to live, Corken + Company offers real estate solutions without limits. Let our team help you find a home in Colorado! We can help narrow your options and find the most bang for your buck! Stay tuned next week for more information on the specific neighborhoods in Denver with the most resale potential. 


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