Buying A Home in a Corona Crisis

buying a home

Last week we considered the current Denver real estate market and whether or not buying or selling a home makes the most sense right now. Our conclusion came down to one of a case specific basis. Consider your own personal financial situation and your own personal goals and make your decision based on that criteria rather than all of the external factors currently at play. The same is as true this week as it was last week as it will be next week. Nevertheless, it is still important to stay informed of the larger situation as you consider your options.

How real estate is changing…
While it is of the utmost importance to keep everyone safe and healthy, housing transactions continue. Realtors are offering virtual tours and remote closings. Most everything can be done from the safety of your own home.

How the housing market is changing…
While all markets are inevitably being effected by this pandemic and its precautionary measures, the market remains an unpredictable place. But remember, it always has been. Ultimately, real estate is still the safest investment to be made. Buyers and sellers may be more timid than usual but interest rates are low and many of the restrictions in place causing the market to slow are only temporary. When life begins to rebound, the market is likely to follow and quickly. This may be the best time to take advantage of low rates and low competition. If you were ready to buy a home before, you are ready to buy a home now.

Corken + Company, with twenty years of experience, is here with support and guidance as you navigate these seemingly tumultuous waters. We promise it isn’t as complicated as it seems. We offer Real Estate Solutions Without Limits. Buy, sell, or lease!

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