Showing, Selling, Buying & Leasing in a COVID Real Estate Market

COVID Real Estate Market
It’s COVID’s World, We’re Just Living In It…or Buying, Selling & Leasing

After weeks of quarantine, it seems our precautionary efforts may be paying off. Good news abounds in this COVID real estate market. We are slowly flattening the curve. The stock market is on it’s way back up and drum roll please….in-person private showings (with precautionary measures) resume next week! We can tour homes again!

While this is exciting news, it is important to know that getting back to “normal” may still be a long road ahead. All showings involve lots of hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and six feet distance whenever possible. For now, open houses remain a thing of the past.
Virtual Showings
At Corken + Company, we can’t wait to tour homes with you again. However, we are continuing to offer virtual showings of all of our properties if you would prefer. We are also always available to answer any questions you have while navigating your home buying process safely via phone or email.
The Market is Moving
Beyond health concerns, many people are wondering if the current economic climate encourages or discourages exploration of their real estate options, whether those be buying, selling or even leasing. While the market has naturally slowed during this stay-at-home order as the result of precautionary measures required, as those measures begin to lighten we expect and have already experienced the market begin to ramp back up. Corken + Company has leased three homes and put two more under contract in just the last few weeks! It is still a moving market and one on the incline.
Let us help!
Whatever your current situation, Corken + Company offers real estate solutions without limits. Under the current circumstances, if you would rather wait to buy we can help you find a wonderful home to lease. If you would rather buy or instead need to sell your home we are also well equipped to help you do just that. The future remains uncertain but your health and well-being are our first priority. It seems we are on a steady and controlled road to recovery. Let Corken + Company help you take advantage of this COVID real estate market and all of its opportunities.


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