Donating Fresh Produce to Neighbors

Donate fresh grown produce
One thing we have all learned from the COVID era is that community is crucial to survival. We all need to lend a helping hand to get through these trying times.


Here at Corken + Company we place a high value on stepping in and serving our local community. Here are a few amazing resources that bring fresh produce to people in need.


Garden Share is an amazing organization focused on “A Hungry-Free Community.” They have been fighting hunger in the Broomfield/Boulder areas for years and would love your help. You can volunteer, donate funds, donate food, or visit if you are struggling to provide food for your family.


Another amazing organization is Fresh Food Connect. “An increasing amount of food is grown in backyards, patios, and community gardens in urban environments across the world, yet there is virtually no market for this food aside from abandoning an overgrown gourd on your neighbor’s front step.”
This is a mobile app that connects those who need produce to those who have an abundance. It is a great way to support your community and share your abundance of produce!


Both of these resources are an amazing outlet for helping your local community. Our real estate group places value on participating in the community around us.  We are always excited to share ways we can partner together to bring about change.

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