Tips for a Pet-Friendly Yard

dog digging in yard
In Colorado it is common to see multiple people out with their dogs on a walk. We are a very pet friendly state, and we here at Corken + Company love our furry friends. Here are a few tips for a pet-friendly yard.


Avoid Toxic Plants: The ASPCA has a list of more than 400 plants that are harmful or deadly to dogs and cats. Some to watch out for: Aloe, daffodils, berries, and anything in the yew family. Hoverman also warns against plants with thorns, which can cause eye or face injuries to curious canines.


Choosing the Right Turf: Pet owners understand what it is like to look out at their yard and see unsightly yellow and brown patches. It is important to pick a grass that holds up, such as Dog Tuff, a hearty hybrid designed to withstand dog urine.


Watch Your Edging: A cut on your pet’s paw is the last thing you want. Be careful and use plastic or smooth metal when it comes to edging.


Mulch Instead of Stones: Some types of mulch can be toxic to dogs, and small pieces are tempting to chew on and easily tracked into the house. When picking stones as a substitute, look for smooth pebbles, which are safer than jagged rock or granite.


It is important to keep your animals safe! We hope these tips will help you and your pet’s have an enjoyable pet friendly yard.


Looking for a more pet friendly yard or space for your family to spread out? Contact Corken + Company today! We can help you buy or lease a new home.


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