A Bountiful Vegetable Garden

Growing your own food is an exciting and beneficial experience. One benefit to owning your own home is the ability to create your very own paradise, which can include things like a beautiful vegetable garden. Here are a few tips:


Soil: Soils, especially Denver’s dense clay, often needs to be enhanced with well-draining organic materials to prevent plants from rotting from the root up. For a new garden, add one to three inches of a low-salt, plant-based compost to the soil; mix until well incorporated up to eight inches deep.


Sun: Thankfully Colorado gets a lot of sun. Many vegetables do well with eight hours of sunshine per day. Pick a spot with plenty of amble sun!


Going Local: It can take months to find the perfect seeds for your garden. Instead visit local home and garden stores, or botanical shops to get good quality seeds. There are also professionals at these stores who can help make suggestions to fit your gardening abilities!


Being Patient: When Colorado’s bluebird spring days arrive, it can be tempting to start planting. But don’t be fooled: If nighttime temperatures aren’t reliably above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is still too early for tender seeds.


Corken + Company is a real estate group that wants our clients to be in the perfect home. Part of having the perfect home is creating an environment that keeps you and your family thriving. Growing your own vegetable garden can bring health and happiness to the whole family. Contact us today!


Photo Copyright: AlexRaths

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