Yard Work Tips for a Perfect Home

Summer yard work
It is that time of year! Summer is quickly approaching in Colorado and it is time to spruce things up. Here are a few yard work tips for making your space perfect.


Beautiful Garden
When you invite family and friends over nothing is more welcoming than a yard that has beautiful flowers. As long as you find plants that are suited for your region’s temperature, your spring lawn care can start at the first sign of decent weather. Let everybody else get the late jump by starting after the warm temperatures come around. If cooler fronts roll in, just cover your plants with a tarp or plastic and make sure they don’t get too much water.


Add Some Color
Making your patio furniture “pop” will help with the aesthetics of your yard. Decide on bright colors for the cushions or umbrellas. In Colorado things are much more green in the summer, it is important to add some bright pieces of furniture to offer contrast.


Mulch is so easily accessible (and inexpensive) now that there’s no reason not to cover up some of those ugly bare spots in your yard with a black or brown mulch mixture. You can easily find smaller bags at your local hardware store or big box store. It’s worth the trip.


Take Out The Trash
If you’re on the fence about the fence (or any other decoration that has paid its dues), err on the safe side. Unless it looks brand new or charming, there’s no reason to clutter up your space. A clean exterior is a pretty one-your neighbors will think so too.


When it comes to summer yard work, you want to make sure and have an amazing outdoor space to relax in. Contact us today to help find your perfect home! At Corken + Company we know how much value a beautiful yard adds to the home, these tips will help you manage your space and create an amazing outdoor environment. 


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