Walkable School Options

Douglas County Schools

Douglas County has abundant award-winning school options, both public and private. There are a wide variety of quality walkable school options that offer families moving to the area great choices. When you are looking to buy a home in the Denver Metro Denver, this is a feature that is important to many owners.

Lone Tree

For example, within the Heritage Hills community in Lone Tree, the default elementary school is Acres Green Elementary, a short drive away. Families also have access to Lone Tree Elementary, located directly behind the neighborhood. A school this close helps the environment, saves gas and encourages kids to be active and fit. However, thanks to the open enrollment process offered by Douglas County School District. This means that families can choose to apply to any school of their choice.

Douglas County

One of the benefits to living in the Denver Metro area is that many neighborhoods in the area are located within a short distance to local schools. Highlands Ranch, in particular, was developed with its homes in a “cluster format” where groupings of homes are located near schools. Most of these clustered homes have trails and open space surrounding them to support easy non-driving travel routes for students. These trails were also created for those wanting to enjoy recreation activities without dealing with traffic headaches.

Private Schools

Schools like Regis Jesuit are not walkable from Douglas County homes. But, school districts have created bus routes in major neighborhoods that aid kids with getting to school. Carpooling is common for other private school options.

The Bottom Line

So, when you are looking to buy a home in Denver, be sure to consider how the kids will get to school now and as they get older. Finding the right school for academics is crucial. Ensuring schools are optimally located will ease the stress of fighting through traffic to pick up the kids. Corken + Company is here to be your trusted partner to buy a home in Denver and for your Real Estate Solutions without Limits.

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