De-stress Your FSBO: Hire a Broker

Why to use a realtor instead of FSBO

Selling a home is a huge project. It can also be a very costly one if you choose to sell it without the help of a licensed broker. Many people believe the For Sale By Owner route is a less expensive alternative to hiring a broker. But, is it really? Buyers and Denver metro realtors often shy away from FSBO homes. Many are worried that the owners will be difficult to work with, unprepared to handle a timely sale, or unwilling to realistically negotiate. Yes, you could hire a real estate lawyer, but is the money saved up front worth what might be lost?

I say no. Considering almost all customers looking to buy a home in Denver today shop online, it’s important to have a marketing strategy. So ask yourself:

Do you have a strategy? Does it include social media and listing services? Is it appearing at the top of search engine lists? Is advertising flexible and priced better than a broker’s bulk discount? Do you have time to manage the process during your day? And do you have the skill and experience to negotiate and field questions from interested buyers?

Why Work With A Realtor?

Denver metro realtors also know how to negotiate. Once you get banks, attorneys, inspectors, appraisers, and agents who enter the negotiating arena, and you’ve got the possibility of complicated and legal situations. The reality is, most homeowners are not ready and able to handle this. Staging, professional photos, pricing research, and the contract paperwork required by the state all cost time or money. These items are also needed up front for a timely sale.

By hiring a licensed realtor, sellers gain superior marketing reach, teams of industry experts, advice on incoming offers and access to tried and true systems and tools. The peace of mind knowing that legally all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted should be worth the broker services fee.

In the End…

There are plenty of items that can and should be sold by the owner to achieve maximum profit. However, considering a home is often a seller’s most valuable investment. At Corken + Company, we believe hiring an industry expert is the best way to ensure the greatest return on your financial investment. So, before you consider the FSBO route, consider calling our team. Corken + Company is here to be your Denver Metro realtor and your trusted partner for Real Estate Solutions Without Limits.

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