Downsize in Luxury

Downsize your home in luxury
Corken + Company knows there is a dream home for every phase of life. When the lawn upkeep gets to be too much, your extra bedrooms host more dust than guests, and the idea of climbing the stairs once again to get to bed is just too exhausting, it might be time to call Corken + Company and consider downsizing. There are three main reasons many of our clients have decided to downsize:


Oddly enough, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Having less space or at least more intentional space for this particular new phase of life can be just what homeowners need. Think top-of-the-line kitchen appliances over 3-car garages.


As we age and our children have families of their own, mowing the lawn once a week, cleaning the gutters, and washing the windows becomes too labor intensive and, in some cases, even dangerous. Not to mention, there is less help around the house to get it all done. By downsizing, homeowners can still enjoy many of the amenities to which they have become accustomed, but without all of the costly and time-consuming maintenance.


Downsizing is a great opportunity to move closer to every-day conveniences where homes may be more expensive per square foot. The value is in the location rather than the size of the home.


Once you have your why, it is important to narrow your list of wants and needs. As with every home purchase, it is crucial to have a thoughtful conversation with your realtor regarding the specific reasons you are downsizing. What sorts of things do you like about your home and are unwilling to sacrifice in a smaller home? What must your new home have to better meet your current needs? From ReColoradohere are some common features many homeowners look for when downsizing. This list should serve as good starting point for creating your own wish list.


Gourmet Kitchen – 
Cooking is a common hobby for many empty nesters. Having the space to enjoy this hobby as well as host and cook for family holidays remains of paramount importance.
Open Floor Plan –
While the idea is to lose some unwanted space, that does not require sacrificing good spatial flow. Areas to entertain and host visitors is still important and being able to move seamlessly between the family room, kitchen, and dining room is even more important.
Convenient Location 
Walkability to every-day conveniences like the grocery store and gym make downsizing to certain locations even more desirable.
Master Suites –
A luxurious main floor master suite with both a tub and walk-in shower is usually high on downsizers’ wish lists.
Small Yard 
Again, less maintenance.


Once you’ve narrowed and finalized your wish list, the question now is how to downsize and to where. Corken + Company offers Real Estate Solutions without Limits and downsizing is one of our specialties. Our team of experts can help you organize your home and coordinate your move out.

But where to? We have several luxury properties for sale that meet the common criteria above and more. One such community is the popular Landmark Towers. We have leased and sold dozens of units in both the East and West Tower over the last several years. Complete with restaurants, shopping, fitness studios, pools and hot tubs, 24-hour concierge, covered parking, and storage facilities, this community is the perfect place to downsize without having to sacrifice any part of the luxury lifestyle you so enjoy!


With our own concierge-style services and extensive experience in this community and those like it around the Denver Metro, we can’t wait to help you make a seamless transition into this next exciting phase of life. Downsize with Corken + Company.


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