Grow A Garden This Winter

Winter Gardening
You read that headline right! Just because temperatures are dropping and the days are growing shorter, doesn’t mean your green thumb has to sit dormant this fall and winter. Winter gardening may be perfect for you. Grow your own healthy produce right from the comfort of your kitchen. Do this without even having to use messy soil! has developed a list of nutritious plants that will grow when placed in a glass of water.


Since produce are typically the most perishable items in the kitchen, growing them yourself is a great way to reduce the number of trips you have to take to the grocery store (especially helpful during a pandemic). Below is their list of the easiest vegetables to grow when experimenting with this simple and handy gardening method.


You can place a bulb from the scraps of your green onion into a small glass. With about an inch of the stalk still intact above the bulb it should be able to remain upright and you should see new growth within a week or so. Be sure to change the water every few days. You can snip new growth as you need it and let the rest continue to grow.


Carrot Tops
This may seem odd because we rarely eat the tops of carrots but it can be used in place of parsley for spices and garnishes. If you put the top in a glass of water in a sunny place, it should sprout new greens within a few days.


You can place the stalk of greens like romaine in water and get new greens for about three weeks before the stalk will be fully grown out. Just be sure to change the water daily.


Strip the stem of your favorite herb and place it in a glass of water in bright direct sunlight. Change the water every other day and you should see new growth from the stem. A pro winter gardening tip is to use a soft green stem as your stalk.


It might be especially useful to grow your own celery because typically a recipe will only call for a few stalks at a time. This way you can grow it at your own pace. As with the other vegetables on this list, put the root in a jar of water in bright sun, changing the water every other day and you should have new growth for consuming within a few days.


If you are able, one of‘s garden experts notes that if you have the confidence, potting these scraps in soil will produce the most abundant and long lasting growth. A small windowsill garden bed is the perfect place to try this. With this perfect winter garden you might just have a transplant garden all ready to go outside come spring.


Looking for a new kitchen to grow your winter garden in? The team at Corken + Company can help! Contact us today. 

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