Dress Up Your Windows for Fall

Privacy, light control, function and style are primary factors to consider when deciding if and which type of window treatments are best for your home, according to hsdesigned.com. http://hsdesigned.com/product-education/window-treatment-features-benefits/. When considering best approaches for Denver Real Estate marketing, it is important to consider what easy cosmetic fixes can up the appeal of your home.

With the wide range of electronic and remote control options in the market today, the sky is the limit for what you can do with today’s beautiful window treatments, and you don’t even need to leave the couch to do it! When owners go to market real estate listings, being able to list window treatments that will stay with the purchase of their home are important. With the sleeker, minimalistic styles in today’s home, many are finding the motorized blinds to be an appealing option. https://www.hunterdouglas.com/operating-systems/powerview-motorization Corken + Company knows that it is important for Denver real estate marketing professionals to understand an owners best options for lighting and blinds.

If you are focused on energy conservation, consider this information when looking for products that will conserve energy. http://energy.gov/energysaver/energy-efficient-window-treatments Plantation shutters, sometimes called “window furniture” and used in many Colorado homes for their looks and light blocking benefits, can add value as they are custom made for the windows and stay with the home. Plantation shutters are a great selling point for Denver real estate marketing, and they appeal to owners when searching real estate listings in the Denver Metro real estate market.

Planning to add window treatments to your home as a way to help stage it for sale? Keep in mind that simple and neutral is key. When brokers have homes photographed for sale, almost always pictures are taken with blinds, shade, and shutters open. Corken + Company would love the opportunity to be your partner for Denver real estate marketing.

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