Open Theatre Rooms Thrill & Engage

Many of us have been spending hours a day watching our country represent us well by capturing gold medals in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Gymnastics, swimming and beach volleyball, just to name a few have been thrilling teams to watch and cheer for from my big screen.

I recently listed a home whose owner did a fantastic job remodeling her existing enclosed theatre room into a fabulous open entertaining-oriented theatre area that is now perfect for engaging the entire family and hosting large game-day viewing parties. I love this modern twist on our endless quest for the perfect setting for watching hours of sports and movies, or even gaming into the wee hours. With the ever advancing audio and visual enhancements available for those insisting on high quality theatre equipment, theatre rooms can now be open and still offer exceptional sound and visual quality.

If you have an enclosed theatre room, perhaps it is time to “go for gold” and create an updated and open theatre layout. Here are hundreds of examples of open theatre layouts that may increase the value of a part of our homes where we spend so much time.

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