Going & Saving Green: Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

Energy Efficient
A recent and admirable trend across the globe has centered around the initiative to “go green” or be more eco-conscious. This, of course, has affected home building and remodeling. It takes each of us doing our own small part at home to conserve energy and water, and reduce waste. Of course, as an added bonus, doing so usually means saving a little green as well. With these goals in mind, we wanted to share a few tips from REcolorado and The Art of Simple home blogs that will help you do your best to join this growing trend.


#1 Replace your appliances, when the time and budget is right, to energy efficient models.


#2 Replace your old lightbulbs with energy efficient ones and make it a household habit to turn lights off when they aren’t being used. Make use of natural light whenever possible.


#3 Compost. You can easily make your own aerated bin and do some research on what can and cannot be composted. As an added bonus, the food scraps will make a great fertilizer for your garden.


#4 Switch to reusable containers. Glass tupperware or jars, aluminum water bottles, cloth bags and beeswax paper serve the same function as their disposable, more wasteful counterparts.


#5 Find out from your utility company if you can switch to renewable energy use. For a small premium, you can support the local economy and local environmental initiatives.


#6 Go virtual. Switch all of your bills and documentation to electronic payments and copies.


#7 Get a professional home energy audit and find out what repairs or changes you can make to your home to make it more energy efficient.


#8 Monitor and reduce how much hot water you use. Wash your laundry on cold when possible and reduce the temperature setting on your hot water heater.


#9 Unplug unused chargers and appliances.


#10 Use cloth instead of paper. Dish towels and cloth napkins can replace paper towels in your kitchen cleaning routine and around your dining table.


#11 Try to keep the area around your thermostat clear of items that may give off heat including lamps and televisions. This will ensure accuracy in regulating the temperature in your home.


#12 Wear warmer clothes in the winter and cooler in the summer so your heat or AC doesn’t have to work harder than necessary.


#13 Air dry rather than heat dry your dishes in your dishwasher.


#14 Seal all windows and cracks. Consider repairing when necessary or even replacing old windows for more energy efficient ones.


#15 Use a programmable thermostat that can automatically turn on or off according to your schedule so it is not in use when no one is home.


#16 Resort to your ceiling fan before your AC.


#17 Put your outdoor light fixtures on timers or motion sensors so they aren’t constantly or unnecessarily on.


#18 Close blinds, shades and drapes, especially in the summer to block warm sun and conserve cool air.


#19 Regularly clean (or even replace) the air filters in your home. Dirty filters can make your system work harder and use more energy than necessary.


#20 Finally, maybe the desire to go green is yet another reason to find a new home entirely. There are so many options in the way of eco-homes. We can help narrow your search to specific features such as energy star appliances, solar panels, eco-friendly building materials, etc. Or, maybe it’s just the commute to work that’s been guzzling your gas, time, and hard-earned dollars. Let’s explore options that are closer to your work or closer to a light rail station that provides more energy-efficient transportation around the city. We can even hone in on properties with great walkability and find a neighborhood where all of your essentials can be found within just a few blocks.


If the time is right to relocate, downsize, or simply go green, Corken + Company is here to help. We have the resources, network, and experience to buy, sell, lease, and even remodel. Our Real Estate Solutions know no Limits!


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