Never Too Late to Learn: 5 Local Classes to Join the Self-Improvement Trend

Self Improvement
It’s never too late to learn something and the start of a new year is a great reason to finally dedicate the time, energy, and money it requires. The pandemic has taught us to cherish the little things, hold our loved ones close, and be mindful of our physical and mental well-being. Some of us tried new recipes, others a new at-home exercise, and still others curled up with a good book or two. They were ways to fill the time spent at home, yes, but they were also ways to fill it in an intentional and productive way.


At Corken + Company, we encourage you to hold onto that way of thinking. As the vaccine is disseminated and we are able to return to a more normal way of life, don’t lose your focus on self development and improvement. We’ll send you in the right direction by sharing a list from 5280 magazine of five classes in Colorado that will expand your personal and professional skill set. There is no excuse not to keep learning and growing.


1. Photography – Rhapsody In Light
One way to cherish the little things and hold onto family memories is through photographs. Learn from professional photographer, Joseph Thomas, who has had his work published in National Geographic, all about light, angles, editing, and getting that perfect shot. His classes range in structure and depth and begin at $1200.


2. Informational Sessions – Nerd Nite
Hosted at Bug Theater in LoHi (and currently only virtually), intellectuals unite on a variety of random topics. Think of it as a local and intimate Ted Talk. Experts in their field condense topics into 20-minute sessions around everything from sharks to haunted houses. Basically, get to know things about things for just $8 a class.


3. Shoe Design & Creation – Colorado Shoe School
You read that right. In their custom studio in Bellevue, Colorado, just outside of Fort Collins, you can join founders, Anabelle and Dan, in a range of classes. From a one-day sneaker making to 5-day custom shoe creation, take your footwear into your own hands. The classes begin at $190. Take a moment and consider how much you spent on the last pair of shoes you bought when you could’ve just made them yourself!


4. Gardening, Cooking, and Nutrition – Growing Gardens
This Boulder based non-profit offers agricultural education classes for the whole family from gardening to cooking to nutrition. Keep your kids and your kitchen occupied with easy recipes and fun crafts. They also empower local low-income communities with produce, plants, and seeds. Currently, their classes have gone online, but they should resume in-person learning by this April. Give your mind and tummy a treat for just $30 a class.


5. Historical Architecture – Denver Architecture Foundation 
You’ve likely walked or driven past them a bunch of times but do you know much about the historical structures and landmarks in our beautiful city? Now you can on one of the DAF’s audio, walking, or even hard-hat tours, featuring Denver’s most iconic buildings and construction sites. They also host lectures and other special events for all the history and architecture buffs out there. Many of their tours and classes are free. Still more information can be accessed by purchasing their guidebook or even becoming a member.


Happy learning from Corken + Company!

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