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A couple weeks ago, we shared a list of all the things you don’t need to do before selling your home. While that list can be helpful when prioritizing, it is still important to know that the home selling process isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. It will likely require completing a few important projects. And, whether it means sacrificing your time or money, it will also require your full commitment, or at least that of a dedicated and capable realtor. Let our team at Corken + Company help get your home ready for the real estate market. From, we have narrowed a list of tasks you should consider completing before putting that “for sale” sign on your lawn.


1. Pick a real estate agent.
At Corken + Company, we hope we have done this hardest part for you. By choosing Corken + Company to sell your home, you are choosing 20+ years of experience, a large and dedicated team with a diverse collection of skills, as well as concierge-style services that guide you seamlessly through what can be a complicated and tiresome process. That being said, we encourage you to do some research of your own as you would when making any important life decision. Interview multiple candidates and compare them. You should wholly trust your realtor and feel comfortable working closely with them for the next few months.


2. Improve your curb appeal.
As we forewarned in our previous post about projects not to tackle, this likely does not mean replacing your sod with grass or building a homemade porch swing. Instead, simple projects like planting flowers, putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door, or updating your outdoor sconce can go a long way towards giving your potential buyers a pretty proverbial cover by which to judge your book (you know they will anyway). Your realtor should be able to help you compile a list of things to accomplish that make the biggest difference for the smallest investment of time and money.


3. Declutter.
This is always high on the list. While Corken + Company professionally stage all of the properties we put on the market, this process begins with decluttering, and often with our professional organizer on staff. Consider moving out altogether and fully staging your home or at the very least, getting advice on how to organize your space and purge unwanted items. Less is almost always more.


4. Depersonalize.
While your family photos and collection of vintage action figures are not necessarily clutter, they also need to go. Potential homeowners want to imagine themselves in your home which is difficult to do with a giant family portrait hanging above the fireplace.


5. Repaint.
This is not the time to create that gorgeous accent wall you saw on Pinterest. To ready your home for market, all walls should be white or some other light neutral tone. Colors can be polarizing, and you wouldn’t want to turn potential buyers away for such a minor reason.


6. Make small repairs.
This again should be small scale unless your home requires larger repairs that could derail inspections. Generally, you should focus on touching up scuff marks on the walls, tightening a loose door handle, or repairing a faulty light switch.


7. Add air fresheners.
Smells can be pervasive and may mean the difference between a good showing and a bad one. Adding air fresheners or diffusers can contribute to a clean and positive presentation.


8. Hide your valuables.
Because strangers including contractors, cleaners, stagers, and of course potential homebuyers will be coming through your home at all hours of the day, you should have anything of value put in a safe place.


9. Add plants.
Natural greenery adds life to any space. Artificial or real, big or small, plants can help a home feel cozy, inviting, and familiar. They are also more neutral than personal photographs and decor which would otherwise serve such a purpose.


10. Clean, clean, clean. 
Corken + Company also has preferred professional cleaners who can get your home market ready, again an important part of our concierge-style services. It is important that your home is cleaned from top to bottom and in all the nooks and crannies. It is a small investment that will make a big impact.


Current interest rates are at an all-time low and supply in Denver metro is at a similar low. Homes are selling fast and for the highest value. If you have been considering selling your home for a while now but holding out for the best time, that time is now! Your future and your wallet are anxiously awaiting your decision. With Corken + Company on your side and this handy checklist to get your home ready for the real estate market, consider your home as good as sold and for top dollar.


Ask Corken + Company how our unique concierge-style services in particular can give you a head-start on checking off these to-do’s. Let us help you get your home ready for the real estate market!


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