Why People Choose to Live Where They Do

Denver, especially in the midst of this global pandemic, has become one of the most popular places to live. Interest in our vibrant yet moderate seasons, wide open space, and mountain ranges of outdoor adventure have only intensified in the last six months. But, aside from the obvious, what is so special about Colorado? What is so special about any place? Why do people choose to live in the places they do?


The Colorado Association of Realtors surveyed 11, 000 people prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. They found the answers to those questions and we have summarized their findings.


Quality of life
The strongest driving force in deciding where to live for those surveyed was a general quality of life. While this can specifically mean different things to different people, it is a general agreement that they “like” where they live. Common citations included particular neighborhood amenities and a vibrant or close-knit community.


Recreational activities
Another driving force was the density, variation, and ease of enjoying recreational activities. While the location of those surveyed was not confined to Denver, we do know that recreation is pivotal to the Colorado lifestyle statewide. Each season brings with it a myriad of activities to try. The draw to live in Colorado is significantly due to this distinctive quality of the state.


This one should be obvious. However, it has become even more important in the last six months. When staying in and immediately around your home, location is key. People also highlighted the importance of having safe areas (i.e. parks, grocery stores, etc.) nearby to enjoy extracurricular activities and complete daily tasks.


Of course, given the ongoing economic and social impacts of COVID, the reasons above have shifted and continue to shift. Learn more in one of our recent blog posts detailing some criteria that have recently jumped to the top of many homebuyers’ wish lists.


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