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The moment you decide to sell your home a little home improvement to-do list begins. You probably start it in your head. Maybe you even write it down. Friends, family, your realtor and even neighbors start adding to it. What to change and fix in your home. That little home improvement list grows and grows. And while it is important to make many of those changes in order to get the highest return on your investment, we at Corken + Company know how important it is to keep that list manageable.


From our friends at ReColorado, we want to share instead a detailed list of what doesn’t need to be done. The last thing you want to do when selling your home is waste precious time, money, and energy on unnecessary tasks and projects. Enjoy the easiest list you’ve ever had to check off…


DON’T do large scale landscaping. 
Plant flowers and mow your lawn but so long as your yard looks kempt, leave it at that. It doesn’t make sense to install a sprinkler system, remove a tree, or lay flagstone. The potential buyers will likely appreciate a clean slate from which to dream up their own plan. They may prefer woodchips to grass or want something exposed rather than covered. Instead of guessing what to change and possibly limiting your pool of potential buyers, keep everyone’s options open.


DON’T replace your cabinets.
Instead, if the current finish or color of your cabinet feels tired or dated, give them a fresh look with new paint. Your homebuyers again will appreciate being able to choose exactly what they want in the event of remodeling. Relieve yourself of the undue pressure and guesswork.


DON’T replace flooring.
Stained carpet has to be replaced. Cracked tile has to be replaced. Heavily scuffed wood floors need to be replaced or refinished. What doesn’t necessarily need to be addressed, are dated floors or floors you just don’t like. So long as they are neutral and well-cared for, your floors can be left as is. Buyers will typically make their offers contingent on something like this if it is important enough to them. Your cart should follow your horse.


DON’T replace fencing. 
Here a thorough power-wash or new coat of stain or paint can do the trick. As with every other part of your home, it is most important that it is clean and in good working condition.


Of course, this is just a general list. Your home may need some, all, or none of these projects completed before going on the market. Every home is different. Set up a consultation with Corken + Company to receive a personalized list of the recommendations we would make to ensure your home sells for top dollar. Our main concern is utilizing your timeline and your budget effectively. The goal is to focus your energy on the most impactful changes that cost the least amount of money and take the least amount of time. A full gut remodel probably isn’t necessary but a couple crucial changes can go a long way.


That is why having an experienced team of real estate professionals like Corken + Company in your corner is so important. We provide real estate solutions without limits. We can help you simultaneously consolidate and strengthen that daunting to-do list. As the old adage goes, work smarter not harder.


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