One Big Tip To Overcome the Challenges of Remote Learning

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Remote learning, as with many of the adjustments we have had to make in response to COVID, has its challenges. Going back to school under uncertain circumstances has taken its toll on parents and children alike. Children are not only confused by distance from teachers and friends, but they are also having to take responsibility for their own learning. Meanwhile, parents are trying to navigate working remotely or are forced to find alternative care for their children now at home.


5280 Magazine, explores a helpful solution – tutoring. Tutoring is typically a tool parents pursue when their children need specific help. However, tutors are being asked to provide even more assistance than they have in the past. Many local tutoring agencies are stepping up to the challenge.


The most notable of their new approaches are something called learning pods. Students within a small geographical area, who may interact on a regular basis (typically siblings or neighbors), are coming together in groups of 4 to 6 for daily lessons. There are a few very important ways these pods and tutoring can help families navigate the new demands of remote learning:


Mediated Costs
Tutoring can be very expensive. In pods however, parents are able to share some of the cost with the other families involved. It makes tutoring a more accessible and less financially stressful option than it has ever been.


Social Engagement
Children are able to receive more social interaction than they would from completely remote learning but still on a small, safe scale. They work with one teacher and only 3 to 5 other students who they see almost exclusively.


Staying on Track
Now is an easy time for children to fall behind in certain areas and subjects. However, during these pod classes, tutors are supplementing regular remote learning coursework provided by your child’s school. They ensure the assigned work is getting done, concepts are actually being absorbed, and that your child is receiving individualized help where they need it. It alleviates undue stress on parents to manage their child’s education on top of managing their homelife.


Tutors are able to offer a more flexible schedule, one that keeps children engaged during hours of the day that parents may need to work, run errands, clean the house, or relax.


It was easier to look at the last few months of school last spring and just try to survive, now we are all realizing these health concerns aren’t going away anytime soon. We have to get a little more creative, stay positive, and not be afraid to ask for help. 

Corken + Company may formally be in the business of home-making, but truly we are in the business of life-making. We are always here to help make your life easier. Learn more about tutoring options in your area and read the full article. 

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