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Home Office

Most households today need a place where one or more members can work from home. However, today’s builders have heard this cry for at-home office or work space, and have answered back. Newer homes include a variety of contemporary spaces and office features that are sleek, minimalistic and make working from home easier.

Traditional Office

Almost any room can be reconfigured to create an office space. Those with natural light, a view of the front yard and a location away from the action are the most popular in today’s suburban homes. As more people spend a greater amount of time working from home, builders are adding features to pamper workers. Features include gas fireplaces, bars, chandelier lighting and additional wiring for TVs and sound.

Think outside of the cubicle

Short on space in the house? Backyard standalone offices are also popular with homeowners and can easily accommodate the features mentioned above. In addition, garden sheds, metal shipping containers, green houses, detached garages and even yurts are all modern options worth considering if a detached office space is desired and the lot size allows.


Make your office space work for you. Consider the many classic and contemporary armoire and closet options to creatively contain and define office space. Look for furniture with sleek lines in chairs, desks and shelving that make your space calm, organized and efficient. Furnishing companies are leaning more and more toward green products with great cord management and out-of-sight storage to keep things tidy.

In the end, whether your next home office is in a traditional location or something a little more creatively placed, make it your own. Remember, finding a way to separate work from play is a key factor in preventing burnout. Using today’s sleek style will offer a clean look and help keep everything in its place. It may even make those last couple of hours “at the office” a little easier.

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