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Back in the 90’s, Microsoft had a “smart home” that offered a glimpse into a future. In these homes, homeowners managed their house systems with computers.  At the time it all seemed very “George Jetson”. But, without even realizing it, we are now there. With security systems, thermostats and energy management systems all able to be controlled from a user’s smart phone. Bill Gates’ vision that a home and all of its gadgets should be integrated isn’t such a strange idea. When considering real estate marketing, many of these items are great added features.

As smart home technology devices become more mainstream and affordable, options for home owners are plentiful. You can purchase online or at brick and mortar mega stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Even the local cable store has a solution. Here are a few hot areas in the quickly growing smart home market:


A variety of brands to choose from, these devices are great at customizing heat and energy for optimal cost savings. They work by learning a family’s peak use times. Nest and Ecobee are leading contenders for heating and cooling options. http://www.cnet.com/news/smart-thermostat-roundup/

A new company based out of Boston called Ecovent is focused on controlling the airflow and temperature of each room. They use “smart vents” that are managed via an app on a smart phone.

Security Systems. 

Now, when a homeowner decides to add HBO to their cable TV stations, they can also decide whether to have a security system with cameras added to their cable package. While these bundles can save some money. It seems the features tied to these products, such as receiving a text when the dog sitter arrives, arming or disarming the alarm on the fly, or seeing via webcam when the kids get home from school, are even more powerful selling points. Comcast, Canary and Vivant are just a few who offer smart security and energy management services.

Why Upgrade?

When considering real estate marketing and upgrading your home, it may be difficult to decide which home automation service is best to start with. Check out http://www.smarthome.com/, an Irvine, CA based website superstore for smart home products that has been around for over 20 years. The solution center is educational and gives a place to research ideas on how to begin.

Understandably, while some homeowners may be more reluctant to migrate toward the new technical home management systems than others, corporate America isn’t wasting any time. New companies and products seem to appear every day. And while Microsoft may have been initially late to the dance in rolling out their ideas for the smart home future, they always had the vision. Microsoft has continued to invest heavily in the development of smart home technology management. If their history of creating now mainstream products like the PC is any judge of what will the future will hold, it is time for homeowners to get after it.

Soon, turning on the fireplace from the grocery store will be as normal as sending an email. It is important to consider how you can optimize your real estate marketing. Whether you’re looking to buy a home in Denver or sell a home in Denver, Corken + Company is here to help. Contact us today with all of your real estate marketing and for your Real Estate Solutions without Limits.

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