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Moving In

After you buy a home in Denver, all the effort and energy you spend preparing to move to a new community, it can be surprising to discover that learning about the community after you’re there can take almost as much effort as the move itself. Moving into a new home is sometimes a long process. Perseverance, patience and a positive attitude will take you far. Here are some things to do after you move that may make your new home feel like “home” even faster.

Keep moving. 

Don’t lose the momentum you had when you were at the peak of your move. Once in your new community, set weekly goals to explore parks, trails, community groups and activities to help familiarize yourself with your new community. After you buy a home in Denver, join the neighborhood gym and get the kids enrolled in a sport or activity right away. Entrenching yourself in your new area will help reinforce the positive aspects of the move and more quickly provide an overall sense of comfort to the entire family as new friends, places and leisure activities all begin to connect to form your vision of where you live.

Be patient and open. 

Understanding the personality of your new area and finding the type of people and places that make you feel comfortable can take time after buying a home. It is completely normal for a full year or more to pass before you feel you “belong” in your new community. Help this process along by involving yourself and family in different organizations, volunteering and joining community groups to help meet people who have common interests in the neighborhood and community. It can also be a great way to gain local industry resources and contacts for specific home and family services like housekeepers, gardeners and medical professionals.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Once you buy a home in Denver, introduce yourself to your neighbors. Invite someone you find friendly and interesting out for a coffee or a walk. Choose a coffee shop or restaurant and visit it regularly. You’ll get to know the owners and regulars who will help you learn about the community.

Expect ups and downs. 

Settling in to a new community has its ups and downs and takes time. If you don’t have family in the area, keep busy during holidays, plan day trips, or host others who are new to the area and learn together the joys of living in a new place. Keep a journal or scrapbook for the family, or create a blog that the kids can use to tell their friends about their new home and discoveries. Before long, you’ll be helping other newcomers acclimate to the wonderful place you’ve chosen as your new community.

When learning about a new community, you may feel that you need to be the one invited to be a part of the group. Why wait? Go for it, and make the first move! You’ll be setting a great example for the kids to do the same, and before you know it, all that effort in getting to know your new community will pay off and you’ll be “home.” Corken + Company is here to help you buy a home in Denver, and for all of your Real Estate Solutions without Limits.

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