Hot Electronic Trends

Electronic Trends

Today’s hot electronic trends like wearable electronics FitBits and the Apple Watch are quickly becoming mainstream. Soon, our homes and appliances will also be talking to us and giving us their opinions about how we are living.

Many top technology experts predict that within five to ten years, electronics and appliances will all be connected to each other.Light bulbs learn your habits and adjust accordingly; thermostats like Google-owned Nest decide when you will need warmth or additional cooling based on its knowledge of you. Our beds and exercise electronics even measure if we slept well last night and how we could sleep better. Quietly, all of our electronics will be watching and helping us be more comfortable, allowing us to enjoy life all while being more efficient.

Robots and drones will assist at home with chores and tasks. How about a drone that takes the laundry upstairs?Which will the robot do first: fold the laundry, vacuum or make dinner?Sign me up!

The latest 4K TVs are sleek and slim and have four times the resolution of current HD models. Sound bars will accompany these beauties to provide realistic sound that will make you look over your shoulder during that next scary movie.

Be the first on your block to own Meural’s digital art frame. Its gesture and motion sensors allows you to swipe the air as you pass for a quick art change that will surely set the mood. Pair that with Amazon’s voice controlled device that adjusts lighting, and all these hot home electronic trends start to sound pretty exciting. So, as you look to add new items to your home, consider adding electronics that connect to each other for great efficiency and optimal performance. Contact Corken + Company today to discuss some of the electronic trends for your home!

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