Six Criteria That Might Be At the Top of Homebuyers Lists Post Pandemic

Now, more than ever before, we are spending a significant amount of time in our homes. It’s encouraging some of us to reconsider our living room layout and maybe look a little closer at that light fixture we’ve been meaning to change for months (let’s be honest years). It is also bringing some of us to re-evaluate the place we call home and if it has all the amenities we need let alone want.


Here is a dynamic list of criteria accentuated by this stay-at-home order that may be even more important to potential homebuyers in the coming months and years (or really forever more)…


A Great Outdoor Space
This may not even mean a big green backyard, but, as a buyer, seller, or leaser, consider the availability of fresh air and greenery. Everyone needs it and even if we aren’t forced to stay home, it’s nice to step outside our back and front door and be able to soak it all up comfortably. Decks, rooftops, landscaping and other outdoor features such as fire pits, trampolines, and spas may become an even more valuable asset of or addition to make to your home.


A Home Office
While this has always been a great selling point of any home, it may be even more essential now. More people are working remotely than ever before and it’s likely leading them to think more diligently about needing a designated home office. They may also go so far as to look for the specific features they may need within this space. Painting walls, changing light fixtures, or replacing flooring and doors in your home office or even creating one at all may just be the perfect investment for your family now and long into your home’s resale value.


A Large Pantry
Homes in general have long been shifting towards allotting more storage space. With all the toilet paper, non-perishable goods, and lysol wipes missing from grocery shelves,  homebuyers may be looking for even more extra space to store it all.


A Flex Space/Playroom
Families with children are feeling this quarantine on a special level. In turn, they may be eager to have a “special” space to do so. A flex room or extra room to play games, keep toys, and watch movies could be high on the list of potential buyers’ wants.


A Home Gym
With all the pent up energy we have been accumulating over these past few weeks in quarantine, many are finding ways to expend it when outside might not be the safest option or even an option at all. A well-lit, open space to work out, move, dance, do yoga, or put stretching, cardio, and lifting equipment might be just what the doctor ordered for homebuyers and sellers alike.


A Well-Equipped Kitchen
With restaurants unfortunately closed for dining-in for the time being, we can only order so much take out. Even the most novice of chefs are taking a whirl or two in the kitchen and may be looking to explore their new skill even further. A well laid-out, updated, and hyper functional kitchen is never a bad investment.


Our home is our sanctuary. In the past this has always meant a place to get away, but for these few months of quarantine it has and will continue to mean (at least for the foreseeable future) a place to stay away. We are requiring more of our homes than we ever have in the past and we are realizing how much where we live truly matters and dictates how we live.


There is no better time than now to explore your home buying, selling, and leasing options. Look to Corken + Company providing Real Estate Solutions Without Limits. Our team is in the business of helping homebuyers reach all of their real estate goals. We would love to put you in the home of your dreams and check off all your newly more important criteria. 

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