10 Affordable Ways to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

keep your home warm

Colorado is a unique state to live in. One day it feels like summer and the next day “Winter is here.” An ideal time to start winterizing your home is before the snow season hits, if you can. Heating the house during the winter, however, consumes a lot of energy. It’s also when homeowners typically experience a spike in their utility bills.


Here are some tips from our team here at Corken and Company about keeping your home warm in the coming months.


Install Attic Insulation:

Just as with floors, the attic is also where your home can lose heat when it’s not properly insulated. You can install the insulation batts yourself or hire a local attic insulation company to ensure a proper seal.


Fireplace Plugs:

Here is a unique one – Chimney pillows and flue blockers, or fireplace plugs are a budget-friendly way to cut off drafts from the chimney. Install these in the fireplace whenever it’s not in use to insulate the indoor heat.


Use Shower Steam:

Warming up in a hot shower? Take advantage of the shower steam and allow it to permeate. Alternatively, if you take a hot bath, hold off on draining the tub. The heat from the water can help keep the bathroom warm.


The Thermostat:

If you’re away from home most of the time, such as for work, there’s no need to keep the heat running all day. Turning down the thermostat a few degrees saves both energy and money on your heating bill.


Perform HVAC Maintenance:

Routinely check your HVAC system to make sure it’s running properly. Doing so can save you money in the long run, especially if your HVAC needs to be replaced.


Adjust the Water Heater:

Hot water heaters use a lot of energy. Since you’ll most likely use more hot water during the winter, consider lowering the water heater temperature a few degrees. You may not feel much of a difference, but you’ll notice a change for the better in the gas or electric bill.


Reverse the Ceiling Fan Rotation:

If your ceiling fan model has a reverse switch, use it. Since warm air rises, turning the blade clockwise during winter will help push the air downward and back into your living space.


Close Doors of Unused Rooms:

If you spend little to no time in a particular room, there’s no need to keep it heated. Close those doors to keep the rest of the house warm.


Cover the Pet Doors:

Don’t forget about the cat and doggy doors. Although small, pet door installations can still contribute to heat loss. To reduce drafts, consider sealing off the door during the winter. It may be an inconvenience, but can save a lot on your electricity bill.


Let in Sunshine:

Colorado is known for its 300 + sunny days a year. And as Coloradoans we need to utilize this in the winter months. Use solar heat to your advantage during winter. By keeping your curtains open during the day, the sunlight can work as a natural heater for your home.



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