5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter

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As the fall and winter months approach, it is important to find ways to make your home feel bigger and brighter. Our team at Corken and Company wants to give you some great home design tips to help update your space.



Decluttering is an obvious first step to clearing up your space. Anyone can do it and with few resources. Walk from room to room and put things away, clear up random papers or cardboard boxes, and collect together small things that don’t have a home. If an item isn’t for decor and isn’t used on a regular basis, consider storing it out of sight or donating it if your local donation centers are still in operation.


Clear the floors and the walls:

The more floor space, the bigger the room will feel. This applies to the floor space between furniture and walls, too. When all your furniture is set against the walls, it really outlines the boundaries of your room and highlights how small that space is. By making sure some of your furniture has a little air between the walls, it creates a better sense of roominess.



Get creative with the way you store things and be more critical with what you choose to have out. You can keep it simple by folding blankets into a chest or basket, having a dedicated basket for pet toys, and hanging photos instead of resting them on furniture.


The Magic of Mirrors:

Large mirrors are a must. You want to reflect back into the room and give the illusion that you have more space. Mirrors will bounce more light around, give a sense of movement, and visually double the size of your space. You can use floor-length mirrors, mirrored closet doors or hang smaller mirrors on the walls.


Be deliberate with your decor:

Decorate your space with intention and don’t be afraid of some dead space. A bunch of small things scattered around can feel more like clutter than a few larger statement pieces. Walls, shelves, dressers, countertops and computer desks can all benefit from a critical “do I need this?” assessment.


More tips for home design at: https://www.mymove.com/home-inspiration/trends/ways-to-make-your-home-feel-bigger-and-brighter/

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