Preparing to Sell: Home Update Options

If you are thinking about selling your home and are worried about the abundance of maple and other dated stone and wood that dates your home, perhaps a little updating is in order. There are a variety of ways to give your home a face lift that will help it compete with its newer competitors and prepare your home for a quicker sale. Corken + Company has a team of expert stagers that can help to make your home as enticing as possible in the Denver real estate market. However, it is important as a seller to understand the value that buyers may put in having an updated home.

Recently, one of my clients chose to have her yellow-tinted fireplace stone stained a deep rich brown rather than replace it. For a much lesser cost than replacing the stone, her professional painter did a fantastic job and it was amazing to see the transformation. This look could be carried to the exterior stone accents on the home as well if desired. Corken + Company offers services prior to listing your home on the market to ensure that your home appeals to buyers in your Denver real estate marketing campaigns. Here is a product used for this type of staining. Consult a professional before starting a project like this.

Interior and exterior stained concrete is another popular way to update and add interest to your home. . Again, while this can be a DIY, make sure you’ve done your research before starting this type of project.

How far you take the update of your home is up to you and your budget. It is important to consider what sells in the Denver metro real estate market. I found it interesting that in this Wall Street Journal article about California’s hot housing market, sellers are looking to change the extriors and interiors of their homes when preparing to sell. .

Carefully consider the timing of permits and job itself so you don’t get stuck taking on a big project only to have the market change mid-project. Consult your experienced real estate broker for advice on market trends and issues specific to your area before you start a big remodeling or update project. Corken + Company is happy to advise what updates may be appealing to buyers in the Denver metro real estate market. Corken + Company is also here to support all of your marketing needs to sell your home in a timely manner.


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