Prepping for Back to School

Back to School

It’s hard to think about getting ready to go back to school in July. If you have a Colorado kid they will start their new school year in August. Pour a glass of iced tea, head out to the patio, put your feet up and begin to think about back to school. Cleaning out closets, and assessing wardrobe needs is a good place to start. Refining last year’s processes for managing homework, lunches, transportation, and activities will all start to creep back up on you. We can do this while still enjoying the last lazy days of summer.

Prepping Ideas

There are unlimited ways to get organized and prepared for this busy time of year. As you do your regular shopping you begin to notice that now school supplies are prominently displayed in every store. Here is a link to a site that has a variety of ways to prepare and get organized for school. I especially like the cleaning section that breaks down common home areas needing to be organized and how to tackle them.

As we look ahead to having the kids occupied again and the house is getting back in order, ideas for fall home projects always come to mind. Fun back-to-school projects might include updating your backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Make a ‘Splash’ in Your Kitchen Replacing shrubs in the yard that have become woody or overgrown is also a great fall project.

No one wants to spend too much of their summer thinking about going back to school. Getting a plan together can be fun and relaxing if the entire household is involved. So, whether it is interior projects and getting the kids organized or spending outside time planning a new layout for the backyard, be sure to have fun doing it. After all, enjoying kids, family and our great weather are what summer is all about.

Many Corken + Company realtors have kids that are also going back to school! We will be sure to try out some of these prepping ideas.

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