Renovate to Sell: Part 1

Home Renovation
If you’re considering selling your home, it may be tempting to put it on the market and just see what happens. You can make adjustments as you receive feedback from potential buyers, right? Well, our short answer is: not exactly.


The more days your home spends on the market, the more vulnerable your asking price becomes. Instead, it pays to prepare. In a recent blog post, we highlighted the important ways you can ready your home for market. A big step in that process is having an open and honest conversation with a realtor about home renovations that may need to be done. A large component of this conversation are your budgetary restrictions and reconciling those with the potential profit to be earned if you put a fresh, clean, and updated home on the market.


From RISMedia’s Housecall, is a list of three specific home renovations that will garner more attention for your home from potential buyers. A home with a lot of interest tends to sell more quickly and for more money.


The Kitchen
This is often the most expensive area of a home to renovate but it is also where you can make the most impactful change and stand to gain the highest return on your investment. Painting or replacing dated cabinets, adding new hardware and backsplash, swapping laminate counters for granite or quartz, and updating old appliances can go a long way to making your entire home feel updated. Potential buyers may be willing to even overlook other problems or flaws in order to have their dream kitchen.


The Bathroom
This is a less costly but still impactful update to make. A fresh, clean bathroom with on-trend fixtures will again make the house in its entirety feel newer. This may also be a place to take more liberty in picking a unique light fixture or interesting accent tile. This will help your home stand out without being too polarizing. In other words, people are typically pickier about their kitchen than their bathroom; they just prefer it to be updated.


The Roof
This is another expensive undertaking. It is also less immediately impactful than the previous two, at least visually. It can however help your listing specs stand apart from similar homes. A new roof is sort of a buzz word in real estate. It also solidifies the impression that you have been diligent with the upkeep of your home. Not to mention, how much time and headache you may save come inspection time if your home was due for a new roof anyway.


Stay tuned for tips on how exactly to get these important home renovation projects underway the right way. With Corken + Company, you might be surprised just how effortless it all can be!

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