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Home Storage and Organization

It seems no matter the size of the house, additional storage is always needed. It’s the time of year to consider how to make this an easier process for yourself. Here are some ways to take the space you have today and stretch it into better storage for seasonal and bulky winter items.


After each season, evaluate whether the items being stored are worth keeping.

-Will they still fit the kids next year?

-Will they realistically be used again?

-Do they go with your current furnishings or wardrobe?

-If you didn’t use an item this year, is it worth the space to store if until next year?

-Do you have three bins of holiday décor that is no longer your style, is worn or broken but you can’t bear to toss?

Make a holiday photo album of these cherished but no longer used items. Then, donate these items to someone who can use them this year. When it comes to real estate, and organizing, less is more!

2.Take a fresh look:

Are there inaccessible areas under stairs or above garage doors that could be converted into storage space? With a little elbow grease on the weekend, an under stair area can become a fantastic use of space for plastic bins with seasonal or holiday items. Storage is key. It is also a great selling point for your real estate marketing, so find it!

3.Redo closets:

We often keep adding mismatched shelves and bins to an already dysfunctional closet that isn’t advantageous. With a variety of price options available, it may be time to scrap a closet’s storage system completely. From there, you can start over with a custom system that is easy to install and better suits your needs.

4.Laundry Room make-over:

This room can be the most frustrating or satisfying storage space in a home. Take time to research online options that will fit your space. Use existing cupboards to store seasonal items that kids can access (and then put away!) easily. Labels, bins and hooks are fantastic tools that will aid you in your storage efforts and to market your Denver real estate.

5.Sneaky storage:

Ottomans, hutches, and under bed storage options offer compartmental approaches to keeping small toys and games out of sight while keeping them accessible for the kids. Add this option in rooms where the kids play and you may just increase the chance toys will be put away after use, reducing clutter and freeing other areas in the home for larger gear and bulky winter clothing. This is also an easy way to clean up prior to a showing and can assist in your Denver real estate marketing.

Don’t underestimate the value of investing in new storage systems for your home. The joyful satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that behind that cupboard, door or stairway, there is a clean and organized space is something you’ll enjoy all year round! Even better, if you decide to sell a home in Denver, well designed closets and practical storage spaces are a big plus.

Corken + Company knows that Denver real estate marketing is important, and hopes to be your partner for Real Estate Solutions without Limits in the Denver Real Estate market.

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