Hot Ideas for Interior and Patio Flames


Whether inside or out, fireplaces always are a draw when it comes to marketing a home. Fireplaces seem to encourage conversation and today’s trends are no exception. Learn more about how to incorporate a fireplace in your home:


Outdoor fire features are no longer simply a circular, stacked stone gas fire pit or a place to cook s’mores. There are now fancier options that resemble art more than they do a primitive way of cooking. In addition, turning on the gas only makes them more spectacular. Items like a fireplace are a great way to market real estate listings.

Glass, textured bowls, elaborate urns and even water have been incorporated into these exciting new products. Almost any shape imaginable can be made to function as a fire feature. Granted, while choosing the right look for your yard or patio is critical to pulling off this look, the new sleek options match perfectly with today’s modern styles. This makes a fireplace a great accent feature to other elements that are important in Denver real estate marketing.


Many of these exciting and stylish options also exist for the interior desire for warm focal point. For a traditional, cozy look consider painted ceramic or porcelain wood look or iridescent. If sleek and contemporary is more your style, look into linear styles or open gas fireplaces with glass pieces replacing the old fashioned ceramic log.

Do What Fits Your Style!

Whether it is copper, stone, glass or water, there is surely a fire feature that will match your style and budget. Do some searching online, check with your builder or architects in your area to find the full range of options that will make your fire feature a source of conversation. Making your home marketable is key, and Corken + Company is happy to be here for all of your Denver Real Estate marketing needs.

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