Back to School: Ways to be Involved

School Involvement

As a Denver Metro realtor, we often have families looking to buy a home or sell a home ask, “What are the schools like?” As realtors cannot advise on which school may be better than the next. However, there are many resources that can be found these days to show school ratings. What the school ratings do not include however, is how parents may have the opportunity to play a part at their children’s schools. Corken + Company, as your Denver Metro realtor, would like to offer some ideas for school involvement.

Give Back

Volunteering at school is a great way to meet your kids’ friends and teachers. In addition, it allows you to keep in touch with school issues and, most importantly, offer your time to a team that is often over worked and under thanked. Regardless of the age of your kids or the time you have to give, there are a variety of ways you can choose to be involved.

PTSA / PTO / PTA Organizations

When children are younger, there are often opportunities in the library or classroom that require minimal time commitment. PTAs and PTOs also have small weekly jobs like helping with snack time. If you’re up for more, try an intensive project like planning an auction that can use your existing skills or engage ones you’d like to cultivate. Denver Metro realtors also often notice that PTA and PTO associations are very active in neighborhood communities. As school starts up, look for notices about upcoming meetings. Working on a school project or fundraiser is a great way to meet others in the community and learn about your school’s needs.

Keep in Touch

As kids enter middle school and high school, volunteerism tends to shift away from the classroom to more activity based opportunities. Check in at the office for areas they’ve heard need help and see if you are passionate about the subject. Science, libraries and other specialized areas are often looking for experts in their topic. If your kids are involved in sports, there are opportunities for moms and dads to help throughout the season. Don’t shy away from trying your hand at fundraising. It has become a critical component for any public school activity or sport as school districts have whittled almost all funding away from extra-curricular sports and activities.

Parents choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons—to meet people, keep busy, feel valued, or just spend time with fun-loving kids. No matter the reason, giving back to your school and community is a way to stay connected with others and have fun while doing it. So go back to school, and find a project you feel passionate about this fall! Corken + Company hopes to be your partner to buy a home or sell a home in a neighborhood great for both you and your children. As your Denver Metro realtor, and for your Real Estate Solutions without Limits, we always encourage school involvement, as well as your local community!

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